A Harley Rider's Guide to Vaporizers

by Sam Kramer September 25, 2018 2 min read

A Harley Rider's Guide to Vaporizers-DopeBoo

This post is dedicated to my dad: two wheels down, Dad! <3

Vroom vroom, baby.

So you hit the road to celebrate in Sturgis, maybe you rolled over to Laconia. If you love your vets like we do: you probably even made your way to Rolling Thunder. But the sun is setting on summer and now it's time to tinker the winter away in heated garages with our favorite cloud companions.

The Top 3 Pipes & Vaporizers for Harley Davidson Fans:

  • Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel - Power tool or power vape? Hard to tell. This one will fit right in with your garage setup. Super tough.
  • Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel - S&B again? Yes. German engineering delivers crisp, clean vapor clouds with precision. These guys named the game in vape design back in the 90s. Very manly.
  • STAX Modular Bong by GRAV - Customize it, just like your beloved hog. But, a little less work. Pop on cool bases, mouthpieces, and percolators as you please. Grab a starter kit, then upgrade as you learn the ropes of the scientific glass scene.

Now let's get down to the good stuff.

These are the pipes and vapes we'd recommend based on your taste in Harley Davidson motorcycles:

Harley Davidson Sportster - A Vaporizer Guide from DopeBoo.com


If you like a Sportster model, give the Storz & Bickel Crafty a try. It's a little more sleek than it's "Mighty" counterpart, and has complete customizability courtesy of an Android/iOS smartphone app.

Harley Davidson Touring Motorcycle - A Vaporizer Guide at DopeBoo.com


A little more leisurely, you're all about comfort for those long rides: a heavy frame works in your favor. We pair you with the stationary Plenty Vaporizer. It's a great way to unwind after a long ride, and with that wall-outlet power it's sure to do the trick even as you pass it through your rider crew.

Harley Davidson Softail Motorcycle - A Vaporizer Guide at DopeBoo.com


Like the Heritage Softail, Fat Boy, and Night Train - there's something hidden in the 7th Floor Sidekick. Colorado's best vape engineers concealed a self-stir stick for dry herbs so you don't have to open it up to get to the fresh stuff.  


V-Rod Harleys are all about that liquid cooling power.

That's why we paired them with Cloudious9's one-of-a-kind vaporizer: the first vape to incorporate cooling, cleansing hydrodynamics right inside its vape design!


Exposed rear shocks set the Dyna apart from the rest. The G Pen Elite is also shock-proof with an ultra durable exterior ready for every herbal adventure -- or to be dropped on the cement floor in your friend's garage.

Sam Kramer
Sam Kramer

Sam K. is DopeBoo Content Editor and an herbal activist of over ten years. This passion has her now pursuing a law degree to help elevate Chicago’s budding industry.

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