Cloud Culture Etiquette: How to Avoid A Puff-Puff-Pass Faux Pas

by Amanda Froelich May 18, 2018 6 min read

Cloud Culture Etiquette: How to Avoid A Puff-Puff-Pass Faux Pas

Due to increased awareness surrounding the benefits of herbal pleasure, the trend is shifting from counterculture to mainstream. As a result, more and more people are choosing to light up. Those that do are inevitably invited to partake with others.

The rules change when you smoke in a group, versus smoking at home, however. For instance, it is generally considered rude to crisp the entire top of the bowl before handing it to others. Another amateur mistake is to leave smoke in the chamber before passing it to your left -- even if you're passing a pipe as convo-worthy as an Empire Glassworks design.

To ensure you and your buddies are invited to future toke sessions, we’ve outlined some important rules to abide by when puffing in a group.

Here's A Short List of Puff-Puff-Pass Dos and Don'ts -- see the full lineup below:

1) Always share
2) Don’t Bogart (a.k.a. hog the piece)
3) Bring some herb to match your pals'
4) Pass to the left
5) Don’t scorch the bowl
6) Clear the chamber before passing
7) Warn others if there’s tobacco
8) Be mindful of saliva
9) Don’t steal lighters
10) Can’t roll? Be honest about it
11) Avoid blowing smoke in someone else’s face
12) Respect the glass
13) Don’t pass a cashed bowl

Types of Friends in A Friend Group

1) Always Share

Even if you’re running low, it’s important to share with the group. Not only will this win you more friends, it will likely improve your own happiness. This is because, what you give is what you get. Practice this tip by sharing a puff with a friend out of the Marley Spoon.

2) Puff, Puff, Pass

When you participate in a group sesh, it is important to keep the circle going. This means that when the piece comes to you, puff and pass — or puff, puff and pass. Just don’t puff, puff, puff --"microphone" a while -- and then pass. If you bogart the main attraction, you may find yourself uninvited to the next sharing circle.

3) Nothing to Throw Down? Not a Problem

Just because you show up to a session empty-handed doesn’t mean you have to excuse yourself from the circle. Rather, be up-front with your buddies. Let them know that you didn’t bring anything to toke, but would love to be included. More often than not, they’ll be enthused by your honesty and invite you to partake.

Most people who are 420-friendly don’t mind sharing. They just want to be assured that the herb they are donating is appreciated and that their contribution is respected. Plus, the culture is all about sharing (refer to tip #1).

Just don't take the kindness for granted. Return the favor next time around.

Group of 420 friends taking a selfie

4) Pass to the Left

There’s a rhythm to the sharing circle and it flows to the left. No one quite knows what will happen if it shifts to the right, but you don’t want to find that out now, do you?

After inhaling a lungful from the Glass and Walnut Wood Water Pipe, don’t delay in passing it to your left. Then kick back and rest easy; you maintained the circle’s flow.

5) Don’t Scorch the Bowl

An immediate way to be labeled a rookie is to scorch the entire bowl. This means that the entire top of the bowl is burnt, leaving the next user with a terrible tasting haul with most of the pack having gone to waste. To avoid this, corner the bowl.

How? Rest the flame near the edge of the bowl and pull it in with your inhale. Doing this will light the edge of the bowl (or a corner) and will ensure everyone in the circle gets a nice fresh rip.

6) Clear the Chamber

Those who are new to using bongs tend to make a simple mistake: they leave smoke in the chamber.
Evacuate the smoke by removing the slide and finishing your rip. If you’ve had enough, lift the slide and blow out the smoke through the opening.

Ignoring this step leaves stale smoke for the next person to inhale. Because that’s poor etiquette, it may reduce your chances of being invited to the next gathering. Do the right thing — clear the chamber.

420 Friend Group Fashion

7) Give a Proper Tobacco Warning

Just because some people partake in certain types of dry herb doesn’t mean they’re cool with tobacco. If you like to mix tobacco with flower, alert your smoking partners first. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying both, but being considerate is a must in a toking circle.

8) Be Mindful About Saliva

When you’re toking at home, perhaps with a lover, no one cares about swapping saliva. But when you’re passing around the Snoop Dogg Battleship Water Pipe in a group of people, it matters.

To reduce the sharing of saliva, use your fingers as a barrier between your lips and the piece being passed. You’re much more likely to be invited back to the circle if you keep the mouthpiece dry.

This also goes for lipstick and chapstick--wait till after the sesh to apply.

9) Don’t Steal Other People’s Lighters

If you want to add a new lighter to your collection, buy it — don’t steal it. No matter how elevated you are, try to keep track of whose lighter is whose. If you accidentally snatch someone else’s, take steps to get it back to them before the end of the party.

10) Offer to a Friend First

After stuffing the Flowermate Grinder and packing one up, ask your friend if they’d like the first puff. You don’t need to do this every time, but it is a nice gesture that will likely make the person feel special.

11) Know the Flower’s Potency

If you intend to throw down on a sesh, let others know if your stuff's especially strong. Why is this important? So you can forewarn anyone who is not a regular toker.

12) Be Prepared

Smoker etiquette demands that you take the time to grind before you pack one up. Doing this ensures the flower burns evenly so you're not clogging friends' pipes.

13) Keep it Clean

In between uses, clean your pieces. Experienced users can tell if a bong is in need of a good soak and to be frank, it’s a big turn-off. Plus, if you’re entertaining guests, you want to be sure each hit leaves a clean and refreshing taste. Not sure how this works? Check out our go-to guides for keeping pipes and vapes clean.

14) Don’t Hassle Those Who Don’t Want to Consume

Flower is great for a lot of people, but it’s not for everyone. If someone agreed to join the circle but doesn’t want to partake, respect their decision.

After you pass to your left, you could even spark up conversation about why they are reluctant. Maybe you’ll learn something, maybe you won’t. Either way, you’ll be invited back to the circle because you didn’t make anyone uncomfortable.

Personality Traits for A Strong Friend Group

15) Can’t Hand-Roll? Be Honest About it

It can take some people months to learn how to roll with the best of 'em. So don't feel ashamed if you haven’t quite mastered the skill.

Rather than embarrass yourself and produce a nearly un-smokable product, be up front about your level of expertise. Chances are, one of your friends or a new acquaintance will be happy to show you their favorite method.

16) If You Rolled It, You Get to Spark it

This is an exception to #10, yes. If you put the energy into rolling it up for everyone, you get to take the first rip. Unless, of course, you rolled it up with someone else's supply. Then they should be handed the lighter.

17) Admit When You’re Under the Weather

The waxy extracts in flower have many benefits, but they won’t stop others from getting a cold if you puff-puff-pass while you’re sick. Be a decent human and inform others when you might be contagious.

If they ask you to refrain from participating, don’t be disappointed. In fact, prepare for this likelihood by bringing a solo-style one-hitter to the party, such as the Grav Labs Helix Chillum.

18) Avoid Blowing Smoke in Someone Else’s Face

There is never a reason to blow smoke in someone else’s face. In addition to being rude and inconsiderate, it could disrupt the atmosphere of the circle. Just don’t do it.

19) Respect the Glass

Quality glass can get expensive. Plus, those who partake in flower tend to treasure their pieces of art (such as the Boo Glass Jellyfish Perc Bubbler). Because of this, it is essential to respect other people’s paraphernalia. Like Dante from Grandma’s Boy said, “Respect the glass, kid!”

20) Don’t Pass a Cashed Bowl

If you’re a newbie to toking, it can be hard to tell when a bowl is cashed. But, for the sake of whomever smokes after you, take a guess. You might say, “Hey, I’m not exactly sure, but I think this bowl is cashed.” Or, a simple “be careful” may do.

Being considerate in this way will stop the next person from getting a mouthful of ash. If you know a bowl is cashed, ash it then pass it back to the owner.

If you follow these common-courtesy tips you will most definitely find yourself invited back to sharing circles — and that’s where the fun is at.

Amanda Froelich
Amanda Froelich

Amanda is passionate about cooking. When she’s not writing or creating delicious munchies, she can be found hiking with her partner and their husky pup, Damon.

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