Coffee Shop Pairing: What's Your Wake 'N Bake Speed?

by Julia Abney November 23, 2018 2 min read

Coffee Shop Pairing: What's Your Wake 'N Bake Speed? (Chi Edition)-DopeBoo

With the rise of the pipe mug, we realized we all love a good wake 'n bake combo! Get in the zone with this helpful pairing guide. Your taste in coffee says a lot about your taste in herbs.

The Boo crew's favorite Chicago coffee shops:

  • Intelligentsia Coffee
  • Oromo Cafe
  • Dark Matter Coffee
  • Asado Coffee
  • Maison Marcel

Oromo Coffee - 420 Coffee Pairings at

Oromo Cafe

This Lincoln Square coffee shop is one conscientious crew. Splashes of turmeric, supergreen tea lattes; what a wake 'n bake slice of heaven! Oromo masterminds body-friendly blends and take the time to check where each ingredient is sourced.

(Local kombucha, anyone?)

That's why we paired Oromo with the Marley Natural Bubbler. Crafted with clean borosilicate and sustainably sourced North American walnut wood.

Boo Glass ZigZag WigWag Spoon Pipe -

Dark Matter Coffee

You probably spotted this dope coffee shop on Netflix's Easy. The ambiance at this coffee shop is often quite psychadelic. A.k.a. our favorite flavor. Dark Matter coffee helps artists kick into gear with a wake 'n bake splash of caffeine and artistic inspiration -- just like the carry everywhere ZigZag Spoon Pipe.

Maison Mercel East Lakeview Chicago
Boo Glass Glycerin & Gold Bongs -

Maison Marcel

A classy taste of Paris nestled into East Lakeview. Fresh greenery filters out Chicago air in this easy going oasis. Pick up a splash of French and inhale some fresh plant-filtered air here.

We pair the Maison Marcel experience with Boo Glass Glycerin & Gold bongs.

Thick glass quality, stylish gold art details, and cleansing filtration power. These art pieces elevate the day like a morning at Maison Marcel.

Intelligentsia Coffee

This on-trend coffee company has spread from coast to coast, but us Intelligentsia originals have long appreciated the precision and care that goes into every cup.

Intelligentsia's scientific approach makes them a great match for the GRAV Helix.

Asado Coffee

Ready for your photo op? So's the AirVape XS.  

PAX was cool, then it passed. KandyPens is great for concentrates. But this dry herb vape -- sleek like the charming Asado alley entry -- stands the test of time.

Both surpass trend status with a tasty flavor profile.


Julia Abney
Julia Abney

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