Feminine Pipes and Vapes

by Sam Kramer July 31, 2018 1 min read

Feminine Pipes and Vapes-DopeBoo

There's a time to embrace the masculine and there's a time to get girly! This little lineup taps into our oh-so stylish collection of glass and silicone pipes, mani-friendly vaporizers, and cute colorful accessories to spark some joy in every sesh. Whether it's 420-themed lady's night or you're looking for the piece that suits your decor best -- there's a sidekick on this list for you.

Use the arrows to click through allthe best color options!

KandyPens Ice Cream Man Colorful Vaporizer
KandyPens Ice Cream Man Vaporizer Colors
KandyPens Ice Cream Man Vaporizer with box

Ice Cream Man Vaporizer
(for concentrates)


The China Glass Water Pipes - DopeBoo
The China Glass Bubbler - DopeBoo
The China Glass Porecelain Style Water Pipes - DopeBoo

Pink Vaporizer MIVA KandyPens
Red Vaporizer MIVA KandyPen

MIVA Vaporizer
(for dry herbs)

Nucleus Pink Silicone Beaker Bong
Nucleus Blue Silicone Beaker Bong

Silicone Water Pipe

(13 inches tall)

KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer
KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer pink
KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer red
KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer pink standing up
KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer red beign puffed

RUBI Vaporizer
(for concentrates)

My Bud Vase Monica water pipe
My Bud Vase Phoebe water pipe
My Bud Vase Rachel water pipe

My Bud Vase
F.R.I.E.N.D.S inspired!
The Phoebe
The Rachel
The Monica

Jane West x Grav labs upright bubbler
Jane West GRAV Spoon Pipe
Jane West Bubbler
Jane West Beaker Bong

Jane West x GRAV Labs

Pink AirVape XS Vaporizer portable

Now you've got the down-low on the best pipes and the best vapes for women. Or anyone looking to channel their feminine side!

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Sam Kramer
Sam Kramer

Sam K. is DopeBoo Content Editor and an herbal activist of over ten years. This passion has her now pursuing a law degree to help elevate Chicago’s budding industry.

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