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A 420 Gift Giving Guide for Herb Enthusiasts -

It’s that time of year again! Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or 4/20 itself, there will come a time when you need to get the best gift possible for one of your herbal enthusiast friends. What to pick? A bag of flowers is unoriginal and while they might appreciate it, they probably get that every week anyway. You need to give a gift that is nothing short of an experience. The wrapping paper, the ribbon and bow on top: everything needs to lead up to the perfect present.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a guide of the top 4/20 friendly gifts for the next time you’re in the giving mood. From pieces that come in the coolest packaging to statement collector’s items and gifts that will make a bang at any occasion, our list will help you get the best gift for your next event, no matter who’s birthday or holiday it is.

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Ready to pick out which gifts are best for your friends and loved ones? Read on to find the perfect 4/20 present!

Snoop Dogg x FamousBrandz POUNDS Collection

Snoop Dogg x FamousBrandz POUNDS Collection

This rapper/entrepreneur herbal enthusiast has blown us out of the water with these water pipes! Dreamed of in space but designed on Earth, these pipes will take you to another planet. Of course, any bong from the new Snoop Dogg Pounds Collection (Spaceship, Starship, Rocketship, Mothership, Battleship) will be a hit, but even better is the beautiful packaging in which they come. Snoop had a pretty good team of graphic designers to make these boxes, and they’re so beautiful that you might want to save them for future use, or just to look at. When you open the box initially, you’ll find the new bong nestled inside, with a beautiful interior design as well. Forget getting an iPhone: the Snoop Dogg Pounds pipes are the way to go for your next gift. Choose from multiple colors and styles to get the best gift for your friend. Check out an unwrapping video of the Spaceship to understand what it’s all about. If you really want to make your friend happy, check out the beautiful packaging for Snoop Dogg’s edibles line and add it to their gift--they might faint when they open this.

Davinci IQ Portable Vaporizer with App

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

If you’re into vapes at all (or your friend is), then you know the DaVinci IQ vaporizer is definitely one of the market leaders right now; did you also know that it has one of the nicest designs we’ve found when picking vapes? The modern orange box with its sleek design and fonts are enough to make any graphic designer go crazy; inside, your friend will love the chrome accessories and metal touches. Opening the entire package is almost as much fun as using the vape itself. Available in a variety of modern colors, this vape is perfect for your friend who enjoys minimalism. Even more impressive? When you install the app and realize this thing looks more like a running app than a vape control system. Everyone will love playing with the LED display and all of the app’s features. To learn more about the vape’s features and functionality, check out our DaVinci IQ review here.

Empire Glassworks

This California studio is always a favorite for us due to their obsession for high-quality glass pieces that they all make in-house. With American-made borosilicate glass, their pipes are not only durable, but incredibly beautiful. They make any kind of pipe you can think of: from penguin spoon pipes to coral reef hand pipes, Empire Glassworks has a little bit of everything for every herbal fan. Impress your friend by getting them a pipe that only they would love, whether it’s a panda spoon pipe or a pineapple bong.

Chameleon Glass

A lot of times, browsing through your local smoke shop, you might forget that hand pipes don’t just come in a variety of colors, but also in crazy different shapes and designs too: similar to Empire Glassworks, Chameleon Glass is another classic for American glass pipes. Handcrafted and designed with top-quality glass in Phoenix, Arizona, Chameleon makes a ton of fantastic and fun options to brighten up your friend’s day. Chances are that if Empire doesn’t quite have what you’re looking for, you can find it with Chameleon Glass. Star Wars fans, chili pepper enthusiasts and even cupcake lovers will find their dream pipe here.

My Bud Vase Bong

Do you have a friend who’s a dual flower fan, meaning they love both herb and also the kind of flowers sold in florist shops? Whether it’s your friend or even your mom, these adorable water pipes do double duty as flower vases! You probably don’t want to actually store flowers in here, but your friend will be incredibly surprised as they unwrap this box and realize these beautiful vases are actually designed primarily to enjoy some herb. Even if your friend isn’t that into flowers, any art-lover will love how big of a departure these new floral bongs are from most water pipes out there: created by Doreen Sullivan, a South Carolina artist and entrepreneur, who wanted something different out of a water pipe, these beautiful, hand-crafted pipes come in a variety of colors and styles, from the pink Shelley to the yellow Phoebe.

Marley Natural at DopeBoo online headshop

Marley Natural Collection

Do you have a friend who’s gone completely plant-based? Do local soy candles, yoga and wellness retreats sound like their cup of tea? Then Marley Natural products are likely what’s best for them. Marley Natural is a fantastic company that carries everything from actual herb and concentrates to hemp-based skincare products, in addition to making their equipment out of only glass and walnut wood. They’re also big on giving back to communities in Jamaica that have been harmed in the past by the cannabis industry. Any of their products, from their water pipes to their spoon pipes, are perfect for eco-friendly and socially responsible friends you may have.

420 Stocking Stuffers & Party Favors - DopeBoo 420 Gift Idea Guide

Accessory Overload

For the friend who loves all the little things in life, you can make them a present of presents! Sort of like a bunch of little stocking stuffers, grab a gift bag, get the greenest tissue paper possible, and fill it up with smoking trinkets. Think of small things that could help them out: maybe they need a new cleaning kit, or another USB cord so they can charge their vape in the car? Throw in a little pipe or inexpensive vape, and maybe even a new dabber for fun. You can add dab mats, silicone storage containers, nectar collectors, and even some new rolling papers for them to try out. All in all, it’ll probably cost the same as a fancy new vape, yet your friend can keep unwrapping present after present from you.

What has been your favorite 420 present to unwrap?

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