Most Common Rookie Mistakes that
First Time Vapers Make


To "err is human" right? And making the first mistake when vaping does not mean you cannot handle the substance with care. With increased technological changes, it's important to adapt to new changes when learning to vape.
Vaping involves puffing which activates the heating section that vaporizes the liquid which then allows you to have something to inhald. Vaporizers are the safest items to use when trying to use substances. The major elements involved are atomizer, reservoir, battery, and a mouthpiece. The article below explains the notable mistakes for first-time vapors.

Not Reviewing the Manual of the Pod Device System

If you are a vaper, you need to check on the manual on how to use a given e-cigarette. The manufacturers providing the items have developed the manual for you and to help users understand the working mechanism. Systems like pods can have unfavorable effects if you do not follow the right procedure on how to fill the tank. Removal of the coils and prim wicking requires a detailed manual to assist you in making sure you have the best vaping habit. Taking the time to check out the manual, follow the guidelines and read what you need to know if going to ensure you have greater success.

Failing to Choose a Brand and Well Known Product Mix

It's critical that you choose products and brands that are well known and legitimate. Take the time to ask around and speak with professionals in the field of e-cigarette on which brand best suits you as a beginner. Note all the possible recommendations and then make a decision. This will help eliminate respiratory or other potential issues that some people have experienced. to avoid falling into the trap of having respiratory cases.

Avoid Customization of Device

Customization can be tedious and tiresome. Manufacturers and users need to customize the vapors for them to have a variety of uses. The sweetness of vaping is when you release dense vapor-like aerosol from the nose. The dense aerosol comes in when you know how to suck the flavor and release them concurrently. The smoke can be hot, depending on how you customize your device and flavors. For parties, you may employ the use of CBD e-liquid to facilitate stimulation and fun. When talking about CBD vape juices, it’s important to note that you should only go forthose vape juices that are backed by 3th-party lab-test reports.

Failure to Check Recommended Power Output and Input for Vape Pens

vape pens

Paying Attention to Nicotine Level

You must check the nicotine levels or strength of the different substances that you are using prior to consuming. The too high level of nicotine and super strong level of other products can cause a neegative reaction. Better to get  a recommendation from a doctor or professional and make sure you vape with devices that can show you the levels of nicotine. The smallest amount for beginners should be (3-6) grams per ml. The vapers who are in the middle stage should work with roughly (6-12) grams per ml. If you want to quit, you can go for the ones with 0grams per ml.

Failure to Check Recommended Power Output and Input for CBD pens

rolling papers

The propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin carry the flavors. Know the volume of each so you understand the consumption rate when vaping. You can request for overlapping ratios where one is over the other for faster stimulation in getting high. 50/50 ratio is a good place for beginners to start.

Not Knowing the effects of modifying a device on the battery is super important. Vaping regulations that safeguard the value of ohms and sub-ohms should be at your fingertips to give you an easy time whenever you are vaping. Most companies will provide recommended instructions on what to do to enhance the long-life span of your vaping device. Fail to follow the recommended rules and regulations and you are likely to face issues such as the explosion of devices and fire outbreaks. Safety should be part of smoking when using vape or other products

Consumption of Cheap Liquid

Do we need to say it again?  Ok, we will - Don't buy cheap vape or other products. It's - just - not - worth - it! Whether you are using vaping as a means of moving off from smoking cigs or simply took it up, stay smart! Get quality products that are legit. Ask around, check online and in head shops - you'll start to know the names and brands that are worth trying. There's several good quality CBD companies to try. You can check out some of our reviews of our faves here!


When you are just starting out vaping, there's a lot of info out there and a lot of different products, methods and things to learn. It can get overwhelming at times!  However, just because you are a rookie to vaping, doesn't mean you can't get started right. 

You need to do your research and manufacturers need to put accurate and helpful information on their packaging as well. That allows informed decision making on your part.

So congrats on taking the first steps on your vaping journey!  And never stop exploring and learning as you go. Have a Dope Day!  

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