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6 Unique Dab Nails You Need to Know

So you read our guide to the most popular dab nails, you took our quiz to find the perfect nail for you -- but you're looking to make a statement here!

This epic lineup includes the most remarkable, "woah" worthy nail designs out there. Many have made these innovative upgrades their new go-to; others save them for a special occasion. Like when it's your turn to host friends' night or you have a hot date to impress with an impeccable dab rig.

What are the most unique dab nails?

  • Halo Nail
  • Holy Grail Banger
  • Birdhouse Nail
  • Adjustable Nail
  • Swing-Arm Honey Bucket
  • Dual Banger Nail
  • Showerhead Nail
  • Daisy Nail
  • Sun-Dish Nail
  • Dropdown Banger Nail


No carb cap required! This domeless nail is engineered with ease in mind.

It works just like your hassle-free domeless design -- meaning you have free range with the dabber. Instead of popping a carb cap on top, though, a slitted halo captures concentrate vapor and channels it right into your water pipe.

Pretty cool, huh?


An artistic twist on the classic (and incrediby popular) domeless titanium nail.

Does this nail provide any extra practicalities when performing? No. Will it be incredible to look at when you’re high up in the clouds? Absolutely!

This fun design gives the nail the appearance of the sun when it’s heated up and bright red. Imagine that during your next dab session...


Get it just right with an adjustable nail.

The useful screw allows you to raise and lower your dab nail as needed. It's also an excellent option for people who rotate between more than one rig.

The adjustable dab nail pictured is crafted with clean ceramic, but it's also available in Titanium.


Double down with a two-bucket silhouette!

This impressive piece is crafted from popular, clean-delivery quartz. The two bangers meet at a single joint for an eye-catching effect.

Use the doubled design for an extra-intense sesh, or to keep different types of concentrates separate.


Rarely spotted in the wild, this is an often overlooked dab rig addition.

Torch the honey bucket to your desired temp, swing the bucket inside the dome-like glass, and dab away! An always-welcome carb cap is fitted to send every wisp of vapor through your water pipe, rather than escaping in waste. See it in action here.

Available in both male and female joints.


Take this nail for a smoke sesh in the shower with you! Just kidding. Don’t do that.

A showerhead nail just means there’s extra holes in the nail that diffuse concentrate vapor as it's pulled through your pipe.

If you often burn your throat when dabbing, you have to try this nail. It's also available on adjustable nails.


While this might appear like any domeless nail, you’ll find a selection of little nubs of glass inside the nails, known as knots or fins.

Having more surface area helps with two things:

1. Better heat retention.
2. Better diffusion.

Yum. Fresh, flavorful rips every time!


We’ve found it--the creme de la creme of dab nails!

This bucket nail not only gets you a clean, easy way to partake in your favorite types of wax -- it has a special slit in the side of the bucket to increase air flow and diffusion of the vapor.

If you’re looking for an easy upgrade to take your dab rig to the next level, this is it.


Adorable -- yes. Also highly functional!

While this daisy nail is only slightly different from a regular domeless nail, you’ll quickly notice the advantages is has with the tiny slits in the nail’s base.

Similar to a showerhead nail, the extra holes diffuse concentrate vapor and give you a cleaner, fresher rip.

Pair this with a carb cap and your rig is ready to go.


Thought you could only pick one? Not anymore!

Designed for the true enthusiast, this domeless nail offers the durability of titanium with the fresh, pure-flavored delivery of quartz.

This nail type is one of our most unique bestsellers.

It's also universally sized, which means it will fit on both your 14mm and 18mm water pipes!


This petite nail is one of a kind for its side-arm silhouette.

A small dish sits the side of the joint. This will protect your pipe from a lot of the overflow that occurs when concentrates reach high temps.

A dab mat is a helpful addition to this nail, since instead of falling into the walls of your water pipes oversized dabs may drip onto your counter.


Banger (a.k.a. "bucket") nails have taken the dab scene by storm. They're easy to use, give you room with the dabber, and don't drip concentrates into your water pipe.

The capsule design offers an even wider bucket to work with for those who like a big dab.

It's one of many variations on the popular banger that's as much about personal style as it is functionality.

We also have a full selection of unique dabbers and carb caps to complement your unique dab nail with even more of that "so you" style. Need a little help? Take our dab nail quiz to discover the perfect accessory for your needs. We've also got an awesome guide on How to Choose the Best Dab Nail.


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