#NYFW High Style: New York Fashion Week When You Live the 420-Lifestyle

by Sam Kramer September 18, 2018 3 min read

#NYFW High Style: New York Fashion Week When You Live the 420-Lifestyle-DopeBoo

NYFW 2018 High Style with Jeremy Scott at DopeBoo.com

Who are you enjoying at this year's fashion week? New York City's biggest September event is creating the future with breakout 2019 looks.

Find hilarious highlights, 420-friendly celebrities, and piece accessory pairings by designer all in this High Style Guide below! Give us a shout on social media to tell the world which looks suit the lifestyle best.

VOLUME UP on designer videos! The beats are just as dope as the high-art style.

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Biggest NYFW trip award goes to:

The Blondes x Disney Villains take NYFW

Disney Villains x The Blonds Spring-Summer 2019 - an otherworldy experience with hard glam, drag fashion, and badass coreography united by furistic nostalgia thats worth a trip down this catwalk. (video below)

Best NYFW 2018 highlights so far? 

Well, the hilarious Celeste Barber parodied a Tom Ford ad WITH Tom Ford. You may know Celeste Barber from her real-life take on fashion ads.

Ming Dynasty Vase
Water Pipe

Gorgeous woman at pool

Then there were the best dressed among 420-friendly celebrities.

Olivia Wilde at NYFW:

Olivia Wilde at NYFW

Christian Siriano Tribute to Cynthia Nixon

Christian Siriano Tribute to 420 Ally Cynthia Nixon at DopeBoo.com
Christian Siriano Tribute to 420 Ally Cynthia Nixon at DopeBoo.com
Christian Siriano Tribute to 420 Ally Cynthia Nixon at DopeBoo.com

The Perfect Cloud Accessory by Designer:

NYFW designers always seem to stop just short of the perfect pipe or vape accessory. Dont worry -- we've got your back. Here's our style take on the best pieces to pair with each fashion designer at this year's September New York Fashion Week.

Caroline Herrera

Beautiful My Bud Vase Phoebe Water Pipe

+ "Phoebe" by My Bud Vase

Caroline Herrera NYFW (SS19) florals caught our attention best. Bold colors and flower-driven prints just make you wanna crack a smile!

At home, reach for Caroline Herrera style clouds with My Bud Vase. This "Phoebe" bong is inspired by the 90s Friends character! Don't worry: there's one for Rachel and Monica, too.

Tom Ford:

KandyPens Galaxy Tornado Edition

+ Galaxy Vaporizer Pen - Tornado Edition by KandyPens

Tom Ford NYFW (SS19) was all about striking nudes. Classic metallics won't disrupt the neutrual tones, but a metallic flash shines with high standards. 

That's why we chose KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer Pen - Tornado Edition to complete a Tom Ford ensemble. Concentrates on the go never looked so good.


Buy PAX 3 Vaporizer to celebrate NYFW September 2018 at DopeBoo.com

+ PAX 3 Vaporizer

Cushnie SS19 fabrics drape elegantly while bold blues and greens add an air of fun. This accessory also pairs well with the classy bronze metallics that shimmer through this runway show.

🌿 Basic Kitfor dry herb only.

🍯 Complete Kit for concentrates, too!

Disney Villains x THE BLONDS

Shop Metallic Source Orb 4 Premium Vaporizer Kit at DopeBoo.com

+ Source Orb 4 Premium Kit

A hard metallic shine runs through The Blonds NYFW SS19 catwalk collab. Disney villains, drag style, and an otherworldly vibe takes you to another worldview.

This wand-like concentrate vape from Source makes the perfect pair. It's customizable for calculating types to live up to even a Disney villain's high standards.

Alexander Wang:

ELEV8 Universal Titanium Dab Nail at DopeBoo.com

+ Titanium Nail by ELEV8

Alexander Wang has hard urban edge. Spikes, studs, and chains are a signature of SS19 and all Wang collections.

That's why we paired Alexander Wang style with a tough-as-titanium dab nail. Extracts are more of this designer's scene than a loose leaf piece. And we're pretty sure he's not afraid to wield a blow torch.

Ralph Lauren:

Shop FireFly 2 Vaporizers in honor of NYFW 2018 Style at DopeBoo.com

+ FireFly 2 Vaporizer

Okay, you caught us. This is from NYFW FW19, but we thought the Prohibition Era style was worth the throwback.

Warm sophistication carries this Boardwalk-Empire-esque collection with rich textures, gilted prints, and top-of-the-line quality. Classy counterculture technology and design also runs through the FireFly 2 Vaporizer -- also one of 2018's top vaporizers.

We can't forget to shoutout NYFW: Men's back in July. DYNE debuted a brand new vape in the SS19 Future Nomad Collection?

Okay just kidding. But, seriously...

420 Style Fashion with DYNSE at New York Fashion Week with DopeBoo.com
420 Style Fashion with DYNSE gasmask
420 Style Fashion with DYNSE at New York Fashion Week scary

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Sam Kramer
Sam Kramer

Sam K. is DopeBoo Content Editor and an herbal activist of over ten years. This passion has her now pursuing a law degree to help elevate Chicago’s budding industry.

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