As Seen On TV

by Julia Abney September 01, 2017 5 min read

As Seen On TV

As the stigma around recreational use continues to diminish, smokers and vapers are breaking out of indie bounds and showing up in all our favorite films and TV shows. There’s no doubt about it: PAX and the Volcano by Storz & Bickel are dominating the majority of screen time. Which is probably a hint at the writers' preferences behind the scenes.

Since a lot of people have been buzzing around in an attempt to match the models they’ve spotted, we decided to put together this all-in-one-place DopeBoo guide to match you up with your character’s device. These spottings--in no particular order-- are our best bets or closest comparable models because sadly most shows conceal the brand name.

The Most-Seen Sidekicks:


Storz & Bickel engineered a vape that launched fresh-clean vapor into the mainstream, and also managed to keep they're status as the highest quality vaporizer you can find. Since the Volcano Classic's release, the vape has now added digital precision and liquid pads for oil and wax extracts.


PAX Vaporizers first and second generation vaporizers wowed us with the first truly high-quality portable vapor. PAX 3 now also boasts a smartphone app and concentrate chamber.

Don't feel like reading? Skip to the end for a fun quiz to find out which TV character has your same smoke 'n vape style.

Now for the lineup you've been waiting for! Here's the down-low on the pipes and vapes you've been seeing on film and TV like Silicon Valley, Broad City, House of Cards, Knocked Up, This is the End, and more!

Disjointed (Netflix)

Clip from Netflix show Disjointed of 2 people smoking a bong

Most recently, Netflix launched its show Disjointed (alongside a first-of-its-kind herbal pop-up shop) that’s pretty much a rotating display of the best devices in the business. Hand-rolled cigarettes lit with a RAW clipper; colorful, slim 510-thread vape pens; and a highly romanticized Volcano Classic take the center stage. The show is a great example of how different personalities can take up a wide variety of preferences. Each character embraces a slightly different style.

You can also spot some pretty cool beaker bongs in the in the hilarious commercial sequences. While the Lays commercial above is a hearty laugh, our favorite pseudo-commercial from stay-at-home mom, Donna (a.k.a. Mad TV's Nicole Sullivan).

Silicon Valley (HBO)

Clip from HBO show Silicon Valley with man smoking a bong

Erlich Bachman left us with many laughs over bong-rips we’ll always remember. Most fondly, we’ll recall the epic cough scene courtesy of Grav's impressive 18-inch steamroller. It appears he (or the show) has an affinity for GRAV, because their products appear quite a few more times in the series -- including the Phoenix Ashcatcher paired with a J-Hook for an innovative build-your-own bubbler. Quality glass is, of course, only a small portion of the pipes shown compared to the many outrageous DIY water pipes Erlich manages to maneuver, including a watering ewer and children’s toy. Pair your SV-inspired pipes with Gear Patrol's epic lineup of Craft Beer Easter Eggs in Silicon Valley.

Reti Perc Upright Bubbler, $109.99

GRAV 12" Tall Beaker Bong, $89.99

ZigZag Spoon Pipe, $29.99

GRAV 6" Tankard Pipe, $49.99

J Hook Mouthpiece

J-Hook Mouthpiece, $23.99

Keck Clips

Keck Clips, $4.99

DopeBoo Ashcatchers

Boo Glass 8-Arm Tree Perc Ash Catcher, $49.99

Broad City (Comedy Central)

These fine funny ladies fully embraced on-screen smoking and vaping with a number of devices from episode one. They're even the gals that got the "vape life" motto rolling! PAX Vaporizer received the most attention from fans (probably because it makes oh-so-many appearances) on the duo’s outlandish adventures, but they actually opt for a wide variety of methods.

PAX 2 is a comfortably priced device that's remained a dry herb bestseller since it's release years ago. PAX 3 stormed the scene with a new smartphone app, games, and a special insert for oil and wax concentrates.

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A few of the most notable are the green showerhead beaker bong that had them blowing smoke rings, the 12-inch bongs from their morning routines, and a number of personal hand pipes along the way. Spot their spoon pipes as you Hack Into Broad City.

When they're showing up some college kids, Ilana and Abbi also blow smoke rings from a hefty Double Perc Beaker Bong that's definitely worth mentioning for the heavy hitters out there.

"Essentials" 14" Beaker Bong by Nucleus
PAX 3 by PAX Vaporizer
Two-Tone Fritted Pipe by Boo Glass
ZigZag Heartbeat Bong by Boo Glass

P.S. Abbi Jacobson's podcast, A Piece of Work, is a fun and funny trip around MoMA if you're looking for vape-tivities!

Every Seth Rogen Flick Ever

Man watching Seth Rogen movies
Seth Rogen holding a DopeBoo joint

While these guys showing up with all kinds of smoking devices is no breaking news, we want to give credit where credit is due. From gas masks in Knocked Up to the high art rollies of Pineapple Express, this crew certainly made a point of bringing smoking and vaping out into the mainstream. The latest film, This Is the End, even rocked a Volcano and Gandalf Pipe before the apocalypse hit.

Billions (Showtime)

PAX Vaporizer

Hannibal (NBC)

Arizer Solo

Known best for his role as Morpheus in The Matrix, Laurence Fishburne embraces the Arizer Solo in the role that earned him Best Supporting Actor on Hannibal. Mr. and Mrs. Crawford (Gina Torres) enjoy a laugh over the budding scene. This is about as far as it goes for cable networks, nearly all of the other products we’ve found are on the big screen or streaming networks free from traditional TV restrictions.

Dope (film)

PAX + Volcano

Blake Anderson doubles down on his Workaholics stream of bong rips and rolled cigs with his next-level persona as Will Sherwood on Dope. His film presence is surrounded by clean vapor clouds courtesy of the popular Volcano and PAX.

Master of None (Netflix)

Always with-it, Aziz Ansari, didn’t forget the pen in his instant hit, Master of None. He uses two different slim pens, they each glow like a PuffCo Pro 2 or possibly a KandyPen Slim.

More Vape Pens . . .

True Detective (G Pen Slim Hookah by Grenco Science)

House of Cards (Possibly Atmos Forge Vaporizer)

Man smoking Buck Naked Vaporizer on Neighbors show

Neighbors (Buck Naked)

Neighbors, True Detective, and House of Cards all boast the slim pen a la Sarah Silverman on the Emmy Red Carpet. In the hands of Rachel McAdams, Kevin Spacey, and Zac Efron--the basic carry-everywhere device shines.

Pro Tip: You can watch Seth Rogen and Zac Efron playing MarioKart over a vape pen on Conan.

Did we miss any? Give us a shout on social with your favorite "As Seen on TV" spottings!

Julia Abney
Julia Abney

Julia, a flower child hailing from Spain, discovered her love of fresh herbs years ago when she accidentally became head of product at a farm in Oregon. She promises to not bias her guides too much towards vaporizers, but no guarantees!

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