Percolator Puzzle

by Sam Kramer August 01, 2018 1 min read

Percolator Puzzle-DopeBoo

How well do you know your percs?

Click a line for your picture clue.
Scroll to the bottom for answers.

Ready for some answers?

Click the arrows to scroll through the answer key.

DopeBoo Donut Perc Bong

1 Across: Donut

DopeBoo Turbine Perc Bong

2 Down: Turbine

DopeBoo Green Ashcatcher Perc

3 Across: Tree

Grav Labs STAX inline perc dual dry herb and concentrate

5 Across: Inline

DopeBoo Honeycomb Perc Straight Tube Bong

4 Down: Honeycomb

DopeBoo Matrix Perc Bong

6 Down: Matrix

DopeBoo Faberge Egg Perc Bong

7 Across: Fab Egg

DopeBoo UFO Perc Bong

8 Across: UFO

Sam Kramer
Sam Kramer

Sam K. is DopeBoo Content Editor and an herbal activist of over ten years. This passion has her now pursuing a law degree to help elevate Chicago’s budding industry.

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