Quick and Easy Tools for the Time-Poor Generation

by Julia Abney May 01, 2018 5 min read

Quick and Easy Tools for the Time-Poor Generation

Self-care; self-love. But also: make sure you’re killing it at work, keeping up with all your relationships, and it all looks picture-perfect on social media. And it would be cool if you had a cute, quirky hobby like playing the accordion or hosting the best 4/20 parties. How are you supposed to accomplish all these things in such little time?

Welcome to our fate as the time-poor generation.

Not only are we busy due to the myriad events in our professional and personal lives, there’s also a culture of being too busy amongst millennials: maybe you’ve noticed that when you and your friends meet up, the first thing everybody says is “I’m just so busy!” Indeed, when was the last time somebody said to you, “I have so much free time, I wish I had more meaningless events to take up space in my calendar.” Those of us in the U.S. unfortunately are living in a period of “time poverty.”

In such a fast-paced environment where we have so much pressure to constantly perform, it feels more and more like we need to make sure our downtime is even productive: biohacking and meditation for the C-Suite reinforce the narrative of efficient relaxation. So for all of our cloud-loving friends out there, how are supposed to enjoy your herb when long smoke sessions on the couch are a thing of the past? No matter if you’re balancing an 50-hour work week, having kids, finishing school, or a combination of all three, we’ve got some ideas and gadgets for you to make the most of your chill time so you’re performing at your peak.

The Overloaded Professional

When you hear people complain about their 9-6, you laugh. If only you too were able to head home before the sun sets. If you’re not at the office, then you’re busily answering emails from your phone while on the subway. For your quick smoke sesh, you need something that can multitask and blend with an office environment, whether you’re on a phone call or in a meeting.

Now is not the time to keep a dab rig on your desk.

Consider a classic KandyPens in your back pocket or impress those around you with a DaVinci IQ Vape. We predict that if everybody could have one of these at the next meeting, the whole day will go much smoother for everyone. Try bringing this up with your manager.

Worried that vaping at work will slow you down instead of increasing your efficiency? Think again: many finance and business professionals in New York are turning to vapes to help them work better. Vapes can help you tune in and focus more without the lethargy you might experience when smoking with a pipe. So go ahead and pull out that pen; you never know who else might be vaping too.

Student studying and writing notes

The Stressed-Out Student

Forget the college student stoner vibe: you’re taking extra credits this semester, working a part-time job, volunteering, and of course applying to jobs when you get a minute. 2am is when you finally have time to do your homework, not light up. Again, the key here is portable and quick. The 10 minutes while walking from class? Try a portable vape. That extra hit while you walk from the library to the chemistry building might just help you ace your midterms, who knows?

You might be worried that some extra herb will slow you down in college, as of course you want to be at your academic peak right now. Several studies have found that small amounts of oil can actually help with stress and sleep in young people--common issues amongst college students nowadays. Your concentrate vaporizer might just be the key to acing it in school.

Mom kissing daughter

The Super Parent

Whether it’s juggling play dates, tutors, or the actual children themselves, your hands are full with work from the little ones. How are you supposed to get in time for herb in between diaper changes and feeding times? We know it’s important to not just take care of the kids, but also to take care of yourself. What you need is something to fit in during nap times, like a desktop vape. We really like this volcano vape for its precision and ease of use; keep it in the kitchen next to the baby food. By the time your child wakes up, you’ll be up in the clouds.

Worried about the connotations behind smoking and parenting? You’re not the only one. But when you consider that herb has actually been one of the most effective ways of helping abet migraines, having some flower at home could make you an even better parent. Consider joining a support group of moms who puff and learn how it helps them be better parents.

Woman painting

The Hustling Artist

Whether paint, film, writing, or sculpture is your medium of choice, one thing is for sure: it’s not easy. You’re probably running from gallery to gallery and have a few side hustles to support yourself; unable to afford the luxury of a long Saturday smoke sesh, you need something that can be as mobile as you are and doesn’t break the bank. Add one of these beautiful little pipes to your collection of paint brushes for a quick hit. We think your creativity will spike with these pipes that are reasonably priced too.

While you might be reconsidering a smoking habit right now due to the extra cost, remember that taking some time for herbal indulgence could actually take your work to the next level. If Bill Gates built Microsoft and Bob Marley gave reggae global fame, surely their secret ingredient for success will take your work to the National Gallery too.

Entrepreneur working on computer

The Entrepreneur

Designing a new product, pitching to investors, and managing chaos are your specialities. You can and will do everything in your start-up to get things done, but remember: statistically, you’re more likely to experience exhaustion as a founder than any other occupation. It’s important that you take some time out for yourself so that you can keep going. Why not keep a bong in your office? We’re sure it will help build company culture.

Indeed, some of the world’s leading business owners (Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Michael Bloomberg) have used our favorite flower to better their work; if it can help them, why not you? For somebody in the entrepreneurship space, you might want something more sleek and modern that can keep up with tech just as much as you do. Nothing’s better for you than the PAX 3; control the various modes via Bluetooth directly from an app on your smartphone.

Man with his doctor

The Caretaker

If there’s anybody who needs to practice self-care, it’s you! Shout out to all of those in the caretaking industry, whether you work in a clinic, hospital, nursing home or a daycare. Your job is take to care of everybody else, but if you don’t have time out for self-love, you’ll quickly burn out. Indeed, caregiver burnout hits quickly and suddenly, and unfortunately happens primarily to women; it’s also known as compassion fatigue since it happens to caregivers who, in addition to being professional caregivers, are also mothers and spouses. While you can actually be trained to be an herbal caregiver, it might help you to make sure you’re dealing with your stress and demands in a body conscious way, too.

Vape pen for female intern writing notes

The Intern

Making copies, brewing coffee, you’re doing a full-time employee’s job and then some. You’re a busy person and you’re probably working the hardest but getting the least credit or pay at your company. Make the most out of your short (if existent) breaks to make sure you’re getting back to work feeling relaxed and ready to go. We recommend a simple vape pen to get the job done fast and in your budget.

Not sure if you should be vaping in the office? Try taking some “smoke” breaks during the day, and see who you might meet. We think that if you let somebody try a pull from your pen, they might be your new ally at work.

Julia Abney
Julia Abney

Julia, a flower child hailing from Spain, discovered her love of fresh herbs years ago when she accidentally became head of product at a farm in Oregon. She promises to not bias her guides too much towards vaporizers, but no guarantees!

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