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Best Selling 420 Father's Day Gifts

Best-Selling Father's Day Gifts:

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"Mighty" Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel:

Does Dad complain texting buttons are way too small? His hardworking hands will appreciate the premium engineering and hefty handheld size of this "Mighty" vape. It gives him digital precision for finicking with the temps, while still being super simple with just three large buttons. Vapor is an excellent option for the body-conscious (or should-be-body-conscious) by eliminating the toxins of high-heat combustion. That means even heat all Dad's can appreciate like a perfectly grilled Bratwurst. This device is crafted by the German engineers that gave us the first leading vaporizer, The Volcano. $329.99.

Pro Tip:Try Storz & Bickel's "Crafty" Vape if Dad likes a techie-friendly smartphone app and more portable size.

Marley Naturals Crystal Ashtray

Marley Naturals Crystal Ashtray:

Classic luxury. Marley Naturals Collection of chillums, spoon pipes, and water pipes is complemented by a matching crystal ashtray. This impeccable lineup is crafted with sustainably sourced North American Walnut Wood that gives the modern accessory a timeless aesthetic. Suitable for man caves, cigar lounges, offices, and patio pleasure. $72.

POUNDS Rocketship Water Pipe:

Extra-thick borosilicate designed by the Father of Herbs -- Snoop Dogg himself. This high quality FamousBrandz collaboration is strong, solid, and reliable just like Dad. The Father's Day crowd will "ooh" and "aah" at the luxurious unboxing, possibly while munching on some of our Infused Summer BBQ Recipes. This long-lasting device is available in four cool color options. $197.99. $259.99.

Pro Tip: The POUNDS Collection has a full range of sizes for both dry herbs and concentrates.

Grav Labs Shot Glass Taster

GRAV Labs Shot Glass Taster:

Party down with a shot glass and chillum paired in one borosilicate glass piece! While this Austin-based brand is usually known for highly scientific pieces, they know when to keep it simple and have a good time, too. The Shot Glass Taster stands 4 inches tall for a double shot size. Grab one for all the dads at your Father's Day celebration to find yourself the hit of the party! $14.99.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer:

Fresh flower reaches peak performance in this sleek vape. It's easy to handle with three simple buttons and flashes a cool LED light display. This dry herb bestseller also includes an Android/iOS smartphone app for the gadget-loving dads out there. $274.99.

Pro Tip: Scroll through our DaVinci IQ Review to really get to know the device before you buy.

GRAV LAbs Classic Helix:

A crowd-pleasing pipe, this GRAV Labs design sends the goodness spiraling like a tornado from spoon to mouthpiece. The Helix design is available on hand pipes and water pipes of all sizes. The cool party trick is powered by three micro-holes that create a spinning motion when combined with the signature Venturi Chamber shape. Its wide-set shape is also great for Dad-sized hands to easily hold onto. $67.99. $84.99.

UPC Triple Bubbler Rig:

UPC Glass is handmade in California with extra-thick borosilicate quality. Three separate bubblers cleanse and cool concentrate vapor as it powers from the bucket nail to arched mouthpiece. The open top banger nail makes it easy for Dad-hands to maneuver and the bent neck keeps puffing a casual, comfortable occasion. $144.99. $159.99.

KandyPens RUBI portable vaporizer

KandyPens RUBI Vape:

Easy to use, powerfully effective, and super sleek. This Dad-friendly vape pen compares to the increasingly popular shape of JUUL and PAX Era devices. Most herb stores sell pre-filled cartridges your guy can pop right in. No buttons necessary - this modern device is activated simply with an inhale. $49.95.

FireFly 2 Vaporizer:

A champion of both dry herbs and concentrates. This best-selling vaporizer is often compared to DaVinci IQ and PAX 3 as a top ranked vape. Gadget fans will appreciate the bluetooth app that gives Dad an extra set of controls to tinker around with. $289.99.

That's our lineup of best-selling devices Dad will love!
Which one can you see your big guy reaching for?

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Julia Abney

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