Trending Collabs

by Sam Kramer October 23, 2017 4 min read

Trending Collabs

Everybody’s getting into the game these days, bringing a whole new level of artistry and engineering to the best brands in the business. We decided to put together a Boo-approved list of superior collaborations between craftsmen, iconic celebs, trendsetters, and industry leaders who are reinventing accessories far from old school stereotypes of bong-rippers and vape-sippers.

The Best-Selling Glass & Vape Collabs Are:

  • Jane West x GRAV (The Jane West Collection)

  • Snoop Dogg x Famous Brandz (POUNDS)

  • Nat Wood x Grenco Science (Badwood)

  • Micah Evans x GRAV (Upline)

And we say “trending,” but suspect at least a few of these will prove to be timeless. You can also check out our As Seen On TV Guide and Quiz for some inspiration from your favorite characters.  

Jane West x GRAV Labs

Jane West at DopeBoo online headshop
Jane West Collection Pipes at DopeBoo online headshop

This leading lady Women Grow, the initiative that launched many of the game-changers at the forefront of our favorite industry today. Jane West made space for mindful women everywhere to enter the scene with a conscientious wellness point of view. As a badass mom on a mission, she founded an iconic network for female entrepreneurs, a first-of-its-kind herbal event company, Edible Events, and – her latest success – the Jane West Collection of elevated smoking accessories.

The Jane West Collection is instantly recognizable for its uniquely rich blue hue and eye-catching contours. It’s worth noting Ms. West chose to pair her innovative designs with Grav Labs’ world-renowned reputation for masterful glassmaking. (Watch a visual tour of the full collection here.) The duo infused premium borosilicate glass with pure cobalt ore to create the dynamic coloring – tinted enough to hide unwanted grime sitting on your coffee table, but transparent enough to know when it’s time to clean. Crafted with full attention to detail, the beaker bong, spoon pipe, steamroller, taster, and bubbler each offer features that keep the pipe from rolling off the table, and hold their own against breakage from butterfingers or pets with powerful tails. Not to mention a lipstick-friendly mouthpiece so you can keep your composure and still enjoy a puff.

Now come on, Jane, when does the vape line drop?!

Snoop Dogg x FamousBrandz

Snoop Dogg POUNDS Thick Glass Pipes

Snoop Dogg isn’t new to collaborating, but this collection is without a doubt his highest quality glass collab yet. FamousBrandz has brought premium construction to the partnership with 5mm thick borosilicate glass (even thicker at the base!), eye-catching percolator combos, and a pro-level aesthetic.

In this soon-to-be-classic collection, you’ll find five high-performance water pipes for both dry herb and concentrates: “The Mothership,” “The Rocketship,” “The Spaceship,” “The Battleship,” and “The Starship.”

Aside from having some pretty sick names to tell your friends about, you’ll find this line of top-notch glass delivers with equally epic performance. (Watch a video review of “The Mothership” on YouTube.) You’ll quickly find that not one of the pipes has garnered a negative review yet! Also, it’s worth noting that it comes in an equally awesome package that makes a great gift for yourself or loved ones.

Nat Wood x Grenco Science

Nat Wood Bad Wood x Grenco Science

We nodded to the fashionistas entering the smoke scene with our Autumn Essentials post, and the Badwood collab is one prime example. Nat Wood is a trend-setting streetwear designer that went from a one woman show to a full-on fashion line. You can see her body ink on Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, and Zendaya—just to name a few of her most famous clients.

Grenco Science Badwood Edition Vaporizer

She takes an extra ounce of pride and personal care in limited edition drops, like this drool-worthy collab with Grenco Science. In a new take on the already-awesome vapes, G Pen Elite and MicroG, Nat puts a badass Badwood touch on the device and pairs them with an all-out kit of covetable accessories—all the way down to a compact mirror, lip tattoos, and the case you carry them in. If you’re not familiar with Badwood’s signature style, you can get to know the artist from her Instagram or website.

Micah Evans x GRAV Labs

Micah Evans x GRAV Labs
Grav Labs Upline Collection

The Upline collection was developed by the mad-science mind of Micah Evans. He’s also an art world success with galleries around the country displaying his intricate glasswork, citing his style as "a combination of things I want to make and things I cannot help but make.” It’s no surprise two glass perfectionists were drawn together for a mashup. We’ve been hooked on GRAV since their humble beginnings with the Gravitron – you can hear about theirfirst tradeshows and see a ten-foot STAXget ripped in their more recent endeavors.

The defining feature of an Upline pipe is its innovative ladder perc – stacked, spine-like chambers that are separated by extra thick restrictions – now known as one of the most efficient glass percs in the industry. Basically, each small chamber becomes its own bubbler with an impressive amount of hydrodynamic cleansing power as water and air climb the ladder in unison. The design can be incorporated in all kinds of pipes from tasters to 18-inchers and even water pipe attachments. While the now-iconic thin silhouette may lead you to believe these pieces are particularly fragile, they are actually crafted with intentional heft for sturdiness and durability. A signature touch of luxury finishing each Upline pipe is a unique mouthpiece that makes for comfortable, aah-worthy inhales.

Everything You Need to Know About GRAV Labs

Everything You Need to Know About GRAV Labs

Which collabs are you drooling over these days? We think Jane West, Snoop Dogg, Micah Evans, Nat Wood, and Chad Zindroski are upping the ante. We can’t wait to see more of the best bong craftsmen combining their genius for some epic cloudmaking.

Sam Kramer
Sam Kramer

Sam K. is DopeBoo Content Editor and an herbal activist of over ten years. This passion has her now pursuing a law degree to help elevate Chicago’s budding industry.

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