5 Best Vaporizers of All Time

July 17, 2017 4 min read

Best Portable Vaporizers at DopeBoo

A new list comes out from every site, every year, all insisting they’ve laid out the best vapes in the business. The reality is that it’s often a lot of industry hype with most models fading into obscurity quickly after. The whole experience of shopping for a vaporizer can be like trying to buy the best laptop: a whole lot of tech-lovers raving about numerical jargon while you just want to know which investment will still be paying off in five years.

The questions we should be asking:

Which vaporizers do real, in-the-world vapers continue to use as trends come and go?

Which vapes haveeasy to access replacement parts and areliable warranty to guarantee a long lifespan at peak performance?

We’ve done the research and made a list of best ever vaporizers that continue to appeal to both new and experienced vape enthusiasts -- here are the best vaporizers:

1.) Volcano (Storz & Bickel): 3 Year Warranty
2.) Galaxy (KandyPen): Lifetime Battery Warranty
3.) PAX (Pax Labs, Inc.): 10 Year Limited Warranty
4.) Mighty (Storz & Bickel): 3 Year Warranty

    Keep in mind they key purpose of a vaporizer: to heat your favorite material just enough to release the ingredients you’re looking for, without all the extra toxins of smoke’s unwieldy high heat. You can use DopeBoo’sBuyer’s Guide to Vaporizers: A Breakdown for Beginners to get get familiar with the most important parts.

    It’s worth noting that the vaporizers on this list have some ofthe best manufacturer warranties around. You want to be able to reach out to the people who actuallybuilt your vape for the best bet in making it last. Expect atomizers to wear out naturally as the most harshly used component rarely covered by warranty for this reason.Cleaning your vaporizer will also ensure a long, efficient life span.  

    Now let’s break down why these particular vaporizers have vapers coming back to them again and again.

    Volcano Desktop Vaporizer at DopeBoo

    1.) THE VOLCANO by Storz & Bickel

    This was many smokers’ first foray into vaporization. Once you’ve vaped viaVolcano, you start to compare every other vapor experience to this device’s top-notch delivery. It’s a truth manufacturers are well aware of and has had every brand since 2000 scrambling to keep up with such a clean and effective vapor system. The Volcano itself hasn’t had to change much over the years. It’s only enhancements have been the addition of adigital display and liquid pad for concentrates. Storz & Bickel, having clearly perfected their originaldesktop design, has shifted to mastering new innovations that deliver with the same signature quality. They’ll wow you below.

    KandyPens GALAXY at DopeBoo online headshop

    2.) GALAXY by KandyPen

    Released in 2015, theGalaxy came to be known as one of the firstreliably hyped concentrate pen. KandyPen advanced from the ceramic construction of earlier bestsellers (like Donuts) to explore quartz in this particular design. The result: food grade cleanliness and impossibly fast heat-up times. It’s air carb mouthpiece makes for excellent airflow kept at an even heat through the temperature-controlled battery. The tradeoff to the luxury of quartz is that it’s a bit more fragile, so if you drop your pens on a lot of hard floors you may want to consider a more physically durableatomizer type like ceramic. Most long-time vapers, however, prefer the clean, smooth taste of quartz. You’ll notice KandyPen’sDonuts, Galaxy, andGravity models all earned over four-star ratings that have held up since at least 2016. And just like the Volcano,replacement parts are easy to find and afford for when you love it so much you don’t want to jump to another vape just cause your atomizer wore through.

    PAX 3 Vaporizer from DopeBoo

    3.) PAX by PAX Labs, Inc.

    These engineers design with an eye on life’s simple pleasures. Anotheroft-spotted award winner, this portable vape delivers with elegant efficiency. All you really need to know: Green means go. Although the first release came a littleafter 2007, it wasn’t until the tweakedPAX 2 release in 2016 that the line became a true staple with amped up portability, a bigger chamber, and no moving parts that need to be maintained. The advances of the next generation,PAX 3, are mostly superficial with newsmartphone compatibility--except that it’s now an excellent choice for both concentrate and dry herb.  

    Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel at DopeBoo

    4.) MIGHTY by Storz & Bickel 

    While we’ve all gotten caught up in the pen trend, true enthusiasts continue to come back to the elevated experience of this semi-portable device. From the German engineers that masterminded the Volcano, theMighty presents equally high-as-hell quality with a lot more power than any little pen couldever deliver. It premiered in 2014--the same time as it’s more mobile counterpart, Crafty--both of which have entered every discussion about best vaporizers since. A combination of conduction and convection heating in a generously sized chamber, an incredible day-long battery life, and dry herb/concentrate compatibility probably have something to do with it. We should mention that the smallerCrafty is just as highly acclaimed (and comes with it’s own app!), but The Mighty seems to outrank by just a bit for its next-level vapor. 

    Cloudpen Portable Vaporizer at DopeBoo Online Headshop

    5.) CLOUD PEN by CloudPenz

    You’ve seen this one on TV shows and winning industry awards since the industry first started giving out awards. The brand launched in 2012 with a ground-level attitude based on direct customer/patient feedback. The result: the most consistent and reliable pen on the market. The first generation is still available and top-selling as theCloud Pen OG, but CloudPenz fine tunes their design regularly. The latest rendition is theCloud Pen 3.0 that now features a longer battery life and a variety of concentrate attachments. Everyone also gets pretty excited about the cool color choices.

    That’s the lineup!

    To recap, the best-ever vaporizers have these important features in common:

    - Durable construction
    - Generously sized loading chambers
    - Ease of use
    - Strong warranty
    - Good air flow
    - Personalizable color options (except Volcano)
    - Readily available replacement parts
    - Ceramic/Quartz pen atomizers

       Happy vaping!

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