A Buyer's Guide to Hand Pipes

August 08, 2018 3 min read

A Buyer's Guide to Hand Pipes


  • Spoon Pipe: shaped like a spoon
  • Sherlock Pipe: has a long curved neck
  • Gandalf Pipe: has an extra-long, curved neck
  • Bubbler Pipe: holds a small amount of water
  • Chillum Pipe: a small cylinder, ultra-portable


This is the most popular type of pipe. For many of us, this was the first type of pipe we explored. It's reliability, affordability, and portability keep these handheld pipes at go-to status -- even after adding bongs and dab rigs into the mix.

Spoon pipes typically feature a bowl (the deeper the better!) and a side carb. A side carb on all pipes is for controlling airflow. Let in fresh outside air to cool inhales and create more massive clouds.


Empire Glassworks
"A Bug's Life" Mushroom Spoon Pipe

Boo Glass "Zig Zag"
Wig Wag Spoon Pipe

Empire Glassworks
"Poke Bowl" Poke Ball
Themed Spoon Pipe

Pendant Spoon Pipe

GRAV x Jane West Spoon Pipe

White Turquoise
Marbled Stone Pipe

4" Sandblasted Spoon Pipe

Spoon Pipe Features:


The massive 18-incher pictured above (also spotted in HBO Silicon Valley's infamous cough scene) ranks about as big as it gets when it comes to the steamroller. More commonly, you'll see glass steamrollers in a pocket-ready size.

Steamrollers are a middle ground between chillums and spoon pipes: they feature the cylinder shape of a chillum with a bigger bowl size like the spoon.Instead of a side carb, the carb is placed directly opposite the mouthpiece.

UPLINE Ash-Catching Steamroller

UPC Concentrate Steamroller

10" Steamroller

GRAV x Jane West
Pendant Spoon Pipe

More Steamroller Features:

  • Roll Stops to keep from sliding off the table
  • Size range from approximately 4-inches to 18-inches
  • Built-in ash catcher
  • Themed designs
  • NEW! Concentrate compatability

Grav Labs Upline Bubbler - DopeBoo


Bubblers add a splash of water filtration to your hand pipe routine. Compared to a full-sized water pipe, it's nice and easy to rinse and refill in the sink.

You can buy a bubbler in both an "upright" and "hammer" shape. Hammer bubblers are shaped just like the household tool; upright bubblers tend to have a wider water chamber with a less extended mouthpiece.

PRO TIP!A bubbler with a joint is more likely to work with concentrates, too!

Further Reading: What's So Great About Bubblers?

GRAV x Jane West
Upright Bubbler

GRAV Labs Helix
3-in-1 Multi Bubbler

UPLINE Hammer Bubbler

BOO Glass
Reti Perc Upright Bubbler

Silicone Cone Bubbler

UPC Glass
Quadruple Bubbler Rig

Bubbler Features


Sherlocks are pretty much the same thing as a spoon pipe, but with a long curved neck. A sherlock features the same spoon bowl and side carb construction. The style tends to be more for personal preference, but does add some extra cooling with the elongated design.

Anatomy of a Sherlock Pipe - DopeBoo

Maria Ring Sherlock

Milli Mushroom Sherlock

Additional Sherlock Features

  • A glass marble stand or round base to keep upright
  • Gandalf's famous extra-long sherlock
  • Maria Rings to add durability to the long neck
  • Artistic techniques like milli glass and frit glass


Chillums -- also called "tasters" -- are the smallest hand pipe. They typically pack just a couple rips at a time, which makes the chillum great for on-the-go. Another perk is that they're super easy to clean: simply soak in Isopropyl to get it right back to squeaky-clean status.

Chillums are often shaped like a miniature steamroller. Some designers add artistry through themes, contours, and stands.

Popular Chillums & Tasters:

Empire Glassworks Honey Bee Chillum

Empire Glassworks: Honey Bee Chillum

GRAV Labs 16mm Taster Chillum

GRAV Labs Helix Chillum

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