Clean 420 Living: 8 Simple Health Tips

by Julia A.

Calling all of our health conscious herb and flower fans out there: you’ve heard of all the health trends lately, and you’ve probably made sure to buy apple cider vinegar, probiotics, and who knows what special vitamins you’re supposed to have nowadays. In a world like ours where people pay top-shelf prices for organic produce and local kombucha, you might be wondering how to keep up your health in regards to your favorite flower. Don’t worry, we’ve thought a lot about this topic as well and want to give our opinion on the subject of clean living with herb.

From transitioning to a smokeless world to inspecting your flower and its source just as you would organic carrots and celery you’re about to juice, this guide to clean living will give you the top tips to stay healthy all while enjoying your favorite flower. In fact, some evidence suggests that incorporating herb into your daily routine is healthier than its absence in your life--don’t believe us? Read on and we’ll spill all the secrets.


  • Cut the cigar wraps
  • Bowls are for cereal, not flowers
  • Percolators are your new best friend
  • Be fab and dab
  • V is for Vaping
  • High quality materials
  • Know the source
  • Some strains are healthier
  • Wake n’ Bake

#1 Cut the Cigar Wraps

Big fan of rolling one up? Then now’s the time to slowly ween yourself off or at least drastically reduce your consumption. As you read this with tears in your eyes, here’s why: when you roll a stick, it’s almost all smoke, which is incredibly harsh on your lungs. Also, a lot of people use paper that is not meant for consumption--seriously, this stuff is going into your lungs! If you do smoke these, please consider using a name-brand paper trusted by most smoke shops (also, if you live in a 4/20 friendly state, now is the time to stop buying those pre-rolls. They’re way too overpriced and you don’t know what else was added to them). Our go-to is hands down organic RAW rolling papers from Spain. Just remember: joints are things in your body between bones, not something that goes in your mouth.

#2 Bowls are for Cereal, Not Flowers

Honestly, if a health coach read this, they would probably say something like humans shouldn’t even be eating grains in the first place, but that’s not quite our department. However, we can assure you that your hand pipe habit from college might not be serving you anymore. Aside from the fact that smoking herb can result in losing over half of the THC (yup), you are inhaling pure smoke from the bowl, with nothing to filter or soften the impact to your lungs. We know you might love hand pipes, especially the cute ones that we have. Our recommendation for the health conscious? Enjoy as you would a nice slice of pizza or cake: once in a while, if you’re at a special occasion or party, with pure enjoyment and no guilt. Just don’t do it every day.

Vaporizers make an excellent (and very popular!) alternative. The unique heating style keeps combustion at bay, which means inhales never turn into toxin-ridding smoke. Just crisp, clean vapor!

#3 Your BFF: Percolators

You probably feel like you’re reading one of those health articles that says “no dairy, sugar, grains, processed food or really anything” and you’re only alternative is wheatgrass shots. That’s not what this guide is! In fact, we want you to enjoy your favorite flower, but at the best option for your lungs, which is why we can’t recommend quality water pipes. Not just bongs, but really well-made ones with several percolators. Unlike a bowl or rollie, a water pipe filters your smoke through water and and a series of percolators. When you see bongs with high price tags, they’re not expensive due to their size or design--it’s mostly for the tiny percolators built inside that give it such a great hit. You can check out our full collection of perc bongs, and look for triple percs or more to give you the healthiest herbal experience.

#4 Be Fab and Dab

There’s yet more options to enjoy an elevated experience, even if perc bongs aren’t your thing: dab rigs are an excellent and safe way to savor your favorite flower. Dab rigs are mini bongs that don’t need percolators because there’s not actual smoke, just vapor from the dab of wax. Smoke only happens when there is combustion, such as burning dry herb as you would in a bowl or rollie. Dabbing gives you vapor that’s ready to go, and it gets a little bit of water filtration as well. Not familiar with how wax or dab rigs work? Check out our dab rig guide here and a guide to getting waxy.

#5 V is for Vaping

However, dabs are pretty complicated! Maybe you’re too busy making homemade kombucha, juicing, and attending yoga retreats--no worries, we got you. For a simpler dabbing experience, you can put your wax in a vape! A vape?! What about all those health warnings by the FDA and in the news? We know, we’ve read those too. And we agree with them. However, if you read them closely, the problem is not the vape itself; it’s what many people put inside them, which, frankly, are cheap chemicals bought at a gas station with ingredients shipped in from overseas that change faster than the FDA can study and regulate. This is not what we’re recommending; instead, you can find both dry herb and concentrate vapes, that are just like hitting a bowl or dabbing on a rig, but without the smoke or the mess. Truly, it’s almost impossible to beat vapes for how quick, easy and healthy they really are.

#6 High Quality Materials

As much as we love vapes, they’re not all created equally (especially the ones you can buy at gas stations…) The main reason we say this arises from the vape’s construction. With cheaper vapes, you’ll find that they use glues and plastics to form the vape--when the vape heats up, these toxins are released and you’ll breathe them in. For this reason, we recommend high-quality vapes where the ingredient list is clearly posted; you’ll find that the best vapes, whether it’s a PAX or Atomizer, are made with only ceramic, silica, and metal buttons. Can’t find the vape materials very easily on the package? It’s probably glued together and not that healthy to vape from. When choosing bongs, make sure to get U.S.-made, non-toxic borosilicate glass (hint: all of the water pipes that we carry at Dope Boo have the product list easily listed for you to find!).

#7 Know the Source

Just as you check where your food comes from, you need to be doing this with your flower, too. Whether you can consult an herb shop (they should have this information available) or wherever you get it, this is important. Unfortunately, dry herb is sometimes sold with detergent, pesticides, or even glass (yikes!) mixed in to increase its weight. These are things you should never put in your body, whether you’re looking to be more health conscious or not.

#8 Wake ‘n bake!

Of course, if you really just want to avoid anything going into your lungs and get the full herbal healing effects, you can always get crafty in the kitchen after you’ve finishing juicing your wheatgrass shots. Eating your oil can often be a great approach. Check out some of our favorite recipes with our online recipe directory. Even if you’re avoiding sweets, you can always suspend some herb oil in a jar of olive oil or coconut oil; whenever you’re making your daily salad for lunch, drizzle with a nearby bottle, and you’re good to go!

Julia, a flower child hailing from Spain, discovered her love of fresh herbs years ago when she accidentally became head of product at a farm in Oregon.

She loves long walks on the beach, accordion music and of course spending time with her favorite Yocan Evolve D (only in blue though). She promises to not bias her blog posts towards vaporizers too much, but no guarantees.

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