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How will you enjoy your long weekend? We have a few ideas . . .

Stay-cations, vacations, or normal work week -- we've got a lineup that's sure to elevate the occasion.
Don't forget to thank the troops, whose PTSD has been a driving force behind plant-friendly treatments.
Check out our lineup of inspired Peace Pipes, too!

Bestselling American Glass Pipes of 2018:

Made in California

These designers don't mess around. Thick, sturdy borosilicate takes these affordable pipes to top shelf status.

Innovative shapes for both dry herbs and concentrates keep the UPC line always-intriguing.

UPC's iconic quality is often imitated, but never matched. The brand's work is marked by their instantly recognizable logo. Get yours from DopeBoo to guarantee genuine authenticity.

Made in California

Masterful talent shines in every richly textured, hand-worked piece of glass.

Empire Glassworks' artists and owners spent over four decades crafting fine luxury jewelry before setting their sights on pipes.

These elite glass designers don't miss a detail. Inspired silhouettes take on a true-to-life feel with glowing hues and carefully placed touches of personality.

Journey Under the Sea through the Australian Current; get earthy with critters and florals; keep buzzworthy with a honey-lovin' hive.

Made in Arizona

This brand is proud to let you know they run a 100% American-run operation. From design to delivery, these artists help set the standard for high quality American glass.

Inspired by your favorite films and TV shows, Chameleon Glass will help you spark a laugh with your favorite fictional companions.

A removable logo sticker marks each design for the brand's signature American borosilicate authenticity.

For the Veterans:

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