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Holiday Helpers

by Dr. Boo

Holiday Helpers

The holidays have arrived! It’s the time of year for cozying up around the fireplace, turning on the seasonal classics, and bringing some joy to the world. (Because peace on earth starts with the perfect peace pipe.) Don’t let the holiday season get you in a tizzy -- we’ve got a lineup of pieces to make you everyone’s favorite Secret Santa. Who knows, you may even win over old Uncle Scrooge and reclaim that “coolest cousin” status with a super-slick vape.

Here’s a quick collection of smoke and vape accessories that are sure to be an instant hit. This lineup ranges from small stocking stuffers to luxury level gifting. We’ve covered all the bases with dad gifts, girlfriend gifts, best friend gifts, even treat yourself presents worth getting excited over and oh-so much more.


Here are twelve awesome presents for smokers, vapers, and dabbers this holiday season. Find out what makes them so great as you scroll below:


  1. Party Favors & Stocking Stuffers: GRAV Shot Glass Taster

  2. Holiday Party Companion: Pax Vapor, PAX 3 Vaporizer

  3. That Glass Fanatic Friend: POUND Collection, Mothership

  4. For Dad to Flaunt to Friends: Pulsar Dual Function Water Pipe

  5. For Your Leading Lady: Jane West Collection, Swoopy Bong

  6. Dab-tastic Crew: Skilletoolz Dabber Travel Set

  7. The Ambitious Professional: KandyPens Gravity Vape Pen

  8. Post-Holiday Unwind: Herbalizer Stationary Vaporizer

  9. Flower-Lovers You Love: Kannastor Grinder

  10. The One Who’s One With Nature: Empire Glassworks Hootie’s Tree Bong

  11. Coffee & Tea Fiends: DopeBoo Pipe Mug

  12. Best Techie Gift: GRAV Fire Button eNail



The perfect little gift everyone is overjoyed to receive. It never hurts when they’re still reminiscing about your petite pleasures in holiday seasons to come. For hanging stockings with care and planning the year’s best Ugly Sweater or New Years party, consider these wintery wonders:



PAX is the iPhone of vape technology. This groundbreaking third generation transforms both dry herbs and concentrates into clean, pure vapor. An impressive smartphone (OS/Android-friendly) app offers precise temperature control, preset modes, and fun games to play with the group. Browse our Ultimate PAX 3 Guide to see if it’s the right vape for your lifestyle. The PAX 3 is a crowd-pleaser when it comes to breathing some life into holiday parties. Its subtle, fresh aroma and flavorful delivery won’t offend while taking some pre-feast puffs.



Not your average Snoop Dogg collab. Extra thick borosilicate take these pieces to top-notch. POUND pipes make for an excellent gift with luxury packaging that gives you a joyous tingle opening a new MacBook. This incredible lineup has drool-worthy dry herb and concentrate pipes of medium-to-large sizes. Heavy in-hand, such classy engineering is strong enough to give as an heirloom gift one day.




Lovebirds who differ on their preference between flower and extract can get romantic over a nice dual function device. These also make a great gift for the one who can’t commit, or a scientific pipe for a great dad gift. You can enjoy dual use in both vaporizers and pipes thanks to today’s forward-thinking glass crafters.


Here are the best dual function pipes and vapes:



Get your girlboss gift from the combined genius of leading lady, Jane West, and leading glassmasters, Grav Labs. This epic duo have infused genuine cobalt ore with dynamic silhouettes for a never-before-seen aesthetic. Sizes range from bong to chillum for every price range. Professionals, parents, protesters -- this female-friendly collection is full of proud purchases for every lady’s lifestyle.




Concentrates have hit the scene hard and for good reason. Pure extracts are ultra-efficient in maximizing health benefits. They also open up a whole new world awesome tools and accessories that are turning heads. Glass artists are leaning into borosilicate dabbers, carb caps, dish and dabber sets, themes inspired by everything from Pokemon to Star Wars Light Sabers and Super Mario -- even dab tool attachment kits, Nectar Collectors, and work-of-art mini rigs.



From yuppies to old-school CEOs, there’s an air of sophistication required for gifting with these loved ones -- they’ve got stereotypes to defy. Executive vape pens or scientific glass pipes are solid go-tos. Each features clean, sleek lines and a modern cutting edge style. KandyPens creates exquisite limited edition vape pens, while Grav Labs is known for laboratory-like glass engineering.



Bath bombs and super-soothing vapor will take that knot out of your neck from tight-lipped political conversations. Self care Sunday everyday in the final stretch of 2017. This year has left us all ready to unwind and assess our new strategy for the new year. Luxuriate over clean, flavorful, and oh-so powerful vapor from our finest vape: The Herbalizer. This smart device uses forced air technology with a steady stream of wall outlet power. Pair it with the whip or balloon bag according to the mood.



Whether you and crew don’t have access to quality concentrates or you’re a die hard about keeping it old school, dry herb devices have transcended to awe-inspiring levels. The Helix GRAV pipe sends smoke spiraling through a scientific Venturi chamber fitted with micro-holes. (See it in action here.) Succulent and avocado themed bong slides spark some personality with next-level artistry. Grinders are a luxury dry herb enthusiasts rarely splurge on but come in hand everyday.



Clean organic living and carbon footprints are on the minds of these earth-friendly friends. Here’s a quick lineup for watching nature documentaries, vegan cooking, wanderlusting through nature’s wonders, and staying true to your roots:




Wake and bake all through holiday break with these popular pipe mugs. Pair it with some strong coffee to perk up the morning or ease out of the day with some throat-coating chamomile tea. Fill with a loved one’s favorite coffee and tea brands and prepare for over-the-top excitement. Hot apple cider and warm hot chocolate certainly enhance the holiday season -- especially when conveniently complimented by your favorite dry herbs. Lounge around the crackling fireplace with these perfect pipe mugs.



Cutting edge technology is redefining what it means to smoke, dab, and vape. Impressive specs will blow away your beloved techie in these go-to gadgets:




Now that Santa’s watching to see if you’re naughty or nice, keep it cool with a peace pipe. There is no shortage of awesome accessories worthy of your loved ones thanks to the hard work these artists and engineers do all year. Which pieces will you be adding to your wish list?

Dr. Boo
Dr. Boo


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