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As Seen On TV

by Dr. Boo

As Seen On TV

As the stigma around recreational use continues to diminish, smokers and vapers are breaking out of indie bounds and showing up in all our favorite films and TV shows. There’s no doubt about it: PAX and Volcano are dominating the majority of screen time, probably a hint at the preferences of the writers behind the scenes. Since a lot of people have been buzzing around in an attempt to match the models they’ve spotted, we decided to put together this all-in-one-place DopeBoo guide to match you up with your character’s device. These spottings--in no particular order-- are our best bets or closest comparable models because sadly most shows conceal the brand name.

So here it is, your “As Seen on TV” guide to the smoke and vape scene:



Most recently, Netflix launched its show Disjointed (alongside a first-of-its-kind herbal pop-up shop) that’s pretty much a rotating display of the best devices in the business. Hand-rolled cigarettes lit with a RAW clipper, slim 510-friendly vape pens, and a romanticized Volcano Classic take center stage. The show is a great example of how different personalities can take up a variety of rituals, cause each character seems to embrace a slightly different style. It seems like they left a lot of room for product placement in Season 2.


Inspired by the lineup above: KandyPens Lime Green Donuts, Atmos Bullet 2, Source Vapes Orb Slim, G Pen G Slim, RAW Rolling Kit,Famous Brandz Snoop Mothership Water Pipe


Silicon Valley

Soon-to-be-departed Erlich left us on an adventure abroad, but with many laughs over bong-rips we’ll always remember. Most fondly, we’ll recall the epic cough scene courtesy of Grav Labs impressive 18 inch steamroller. It appears he (or the show) has an affinity for Grav Labs, because they appear quite a few more times in the series -- including the Phoenix Ashcatcher paired with a J-Hook (like so) from the scene below. Quality glass is, of course, only a small portion of the pipes used in comparison to the number of outrageous DIY water pipes Erlich manages to maneuver, including a watering ewer and children’s toy.



Broad City

These fine funny ladies fully embraced on-screen smoking and vaping with a number of devices from episode one. PAX got the most attention from fans (probably because it makes oh-so-many appearances) on the duo’s outlandish adventures, but they actually opt for a wide variety of methods.

A few of the most notable are the green showerhead beaker bong that had them blowing smoke rings, the 12-inch bongs from their morning routines, and a number of personal hand pipes along the way.


This Is the End/Knocked Up/Pineapple Express

While these guys showing up with all kinds of smoking devices is no breaking news, we want to give credit where credit is due. From gas masks in Knocked Up to the high art rollies of Pineapple Express, this crew certainly made a point of bringing smoking and vaping out into the mainstream. The latest film, This Is the End, even rocked a Volcano and Gandalf Pipe before the apocalypse hit.




We were all titillated watching Netflix’s sci-fi trip, and we were extra excited to see Riley on the vape scene. She appears to be vaporizing via Provari with a Nautilus Hybrid Tank. Unfortunately, Provari closed its doors just a few months ago as a result of the uncertainty in federal law, so we recommend the similar Aspire Platinum as a highly-acclaimed alternative.




Because there are just SO many PAX appearances, we’re going to put the final two shows (Billions and Californication) in which the PAX 2 is it’s only smoke-slash-vape scene right here:







Known best for his role as Morpheus in The Matrix, Laurence Fishburne embraces the Arizer Solo in the role that earned him Best Supporting Actor on Hannibal. This is about as far as it goes for cable networks, nearly all of the other products we’ve found are on the big screen or streaming networks free from old school restrictions.




Blake Anderson doubles down on his Workaholics stream of bong rips and rolled cigs with his next-level persona as Will Sherwood on Dope. His film presence is surrounded by clean vapor clouds courtesy of the popular Volcano and PAX.




Master of None

Always with-it, Aziz Ansari, didn’t forget the pen in his instant hit, Master of None--almost always as a suave date move. He uses two different slim pens, the first glows at the logo like a PuffCo Pro 2 or possibly a KandyPen Slim, while the second appears to glow at the end like White Rhino’s Dube.





A pioneer in TV content, this epic series worked in some vape pen scenes to boot. (Or maybe you’ve started to notice--they’re all working in the pen as naturally as a drink these days!) Of course the cast is also seen with the more classic raked bubble bong, as well.



Z Nation

Sub-Ohmers were excited to see Innokin’s MVP make an appearance on SyFy’s new series. The badass tank cover suggests an Aspire setup. Looks like the kind of device even Leo DiCaprio would be drooling over.


Unidentified Vape Pens

Neighbors, True Detective, and House of Cards all boast the slim pen a la Sarah Silverman on the Emmy Red Carpet. In the hands of Rachel McAdams, Kevin Spacey, and Zac Efron--the basic carry-everywhere device shines. You can watch Seth Rogen and Zac Efron playing MarioKart over a vape pen with Conan. Our best guesses on the brands are as follows:

True Detective (G Pen Slim Hookah)


House of Cards (Possibly an Atmos Forge Vaporizer)


Neighbors (Buck Naked)

Now that’s a lot of appearances! Clearly the number of vaporizers and smoking on the main screen are only increasing. Comment below if we’ve missed any good ones.

Dr. Boo
Dr. Boo


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