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How To Do Vape Tricks

by Dopeboo Staff 29 Nov 2022
How To Do Vape Tricks

Long before vaping even came around, people have excelled in the art of conjuring tricks with smoke and blowing the perfect O. These rings were initially performed with cigars, cigarettes, pipes, and joints. Smokers soon realized the tricks that they could perform with vape and the extraordinary level that they could achieve with the smoke produced by vapor. 

Are you unaware of the ways you could learn how to blow smoke rings? Well, all it takes is a little bit of patience and practice. We have assembled a bunch of mind-blowing vape tricks. Regardless of your new entry level to the world of vaping tricks, you could easily learn the tricks for beginners and eventually graduate towards the advanced ones. 


Learn How To Blow Os and Smoke Rings:


Everyone is aware of the age-old trick of creating smoke rings, however, now is the time to boost the process of vaping. Once you've learned the basic trick of blowing 'smoke rings', you could easily proceed towards an array of ambitious and advanced vape tricks. 

So, how to blow 'o' rings? Start by inhaling the vape into your throat, your tongue should touch the bottom of your mouth. Now, try to form the shape 'O' with your lips at the back of your throat. Start to push vapor in very small amounts, in rhythmically short pulses using your throat. The action will resemble subtle coughing. The 'O' that you create with your lips will depend on your lips and how you make them. Are you looking to create some fat donuts? Then, tuck your lips rather than pushing them out. 


Double or Triple Vape Rings:


In this vape trick you'll learn how to blow two or three consecutive vape rings at once. Though this trick can appear to be a little tricky, if you've mastered the art of blowing an 'o' , you can very easily do this too. 

Place your finger on your mouth, begin to slightly press and pull down the top lip to create two sections. This will help you create two O's  with your mouth. In order to perform triple 'o' vape tricks, split the exhale with two fingers and your mouth has to open wider. 

Vape Tricks For Beginners

Colored Vape Smoke:

Have you ever come across someone blowing 'colorful vapor'? If you think about it, producing color vapor isn't much of a trick but more of a style statement, something that you can combine with other tricks.

The LED lights present in some mods help to produce these colorful clouds. You can visually enhance your creativity using this vape trick. 

Ghost Inhale:

Call it mushroom cloud, snap inhale, or the ghost inhale - one of the easiest vaping tricks to perform is the ghost inhale. You've to release the vapor and immediately snap it in. Well, it appears to be more impressive than described. Start by taking a long drag, wait for the vapor to linger inside your mouth for a few seconds, push all the vapor out at once and inhale it back quickly. 


This vape trick is named after the ferocious yet mythical beast because it resembles the way clouds of smoke are blown. Begin by taking a long drag but don't inhale. Once your mouth is filled with thick vapor, forcefully exhale it out through your nose and mouth, simultaneously. Keep in mind, the center portion of your mouth will remain closed. 


Have you ever dreamt of conjuring some incredible vape tricks? This vape trick will help you transform your vapor into a vicious, heavy substance. It is often called the 'liquid mist trick'. Grab a bottle with frozen water at the bottom of it. Exhale your vapor into this bottle very slowly, now pour it out. It will resemble a slow waterfall. 


If you're after wizardry that will boggle everyone's mind, this vape trick is something you need to get used to. It will create huge bubbles and vapor will be trapped right within it. 

Use a small plastic bottle for this and cut off the bottom. Create a bubble solution with liquid soap (body wash or hand wash) and water. Dip your bottle into this and start exhaling the vapor via the nozzle. You will see magic begin to happen.

How To Do Vape Tricks For Advanced Vapers?

If you're already aware of the above mentioned tricks and wish to try something extraordinary for your pro-level skills. Then give the ultimate vape trick a try - the French inhale.

The French inhale is also referred to as the 'Irish Waterfall'. A trick that got its fame from Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg's video. Vapor will flow through your mouth and get inhaled through your nostrils. This is the 'waterfall in reverse' vape trick. 

Start by taking a drag, don't inhale. You've to allow the vapor to settle. Open your mouth slowly, push out your bottom jaw and let the vapor naturally come out. You've to inhale through your nose as you do it. 

These are some of the most interesting vape tricks that you can give a try.

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