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How To Use Weed With Bong

by Dopeboo Staff 30 Aug 2022
How To Use Weed With Bong

Smoking a bong as a beginner can be a bit challenging, but once you learn how to do it, it becomes a part of your routine. Bongs, which you might have also heard of by their slang terms like binger, billy, or bubbler, are water pipes that allow you to smoke weed. However, bongs don't work like your traditional smoking pipes. The typical smoking pipes let you slowly inhale all the weed's smoke. On the other hand, a bong uses water to filter the smoke and reduce it. In short, most bongs offer a healthier way to smoke marijuana and enjoy a smoother hit.

A bong might look like a complex device, but it is a simple and fun thing that allows you to consume weed, and you can become a pro with good practice. However, to enjoy your bong to the fullest, you must know how to use weed with your bong. In this post, you'll get all the answers to your question, "How to use a bong with weed?" plus some suggestions for the weed strains by Exhale Wellness and other brands you can use with your bong.

Things Required to Hit a Bong

To use a bong, you'll need some items, which are as follows:

  •     Your favorite strain of weed
  •     A bong
  •     A weed grinder
  •     Water
  •     A lighter or hemp wick

Besides that, you must also have cleaning tools and a cleaning solution to clean the bong. Following is a step-by-step guide on how to use a bong:

Prepare your Bong

Before you use a bong, you must prepare it and make it ready. By preparing the bong, we mean that you must make sure that the bong is working. First, you must check the bowl and make sure it's clean. Plus, if the downstem is not attached, you must insert it into the water pipe. The downstem will connect the bong's body to the bowl. Though some bongs have already attached downstems, you must know how to remove the down stem for cleaning purposes.

Add Water to the Bong

After preparing the bong, add enough water to the bowl. You just have to pour water from the mouthpiece you'll later use for inhaling. The water will accumulate in the bong’s chamber. Also, ensure that the water is enough to submerge the downstem. However, when you see that the downstem is entirely inside the water, you don't need to add more water. Some people also insert an ice catcher for placing ice cubes at this point to cool down the fumes further.

Grind the Weed

You must grind the weed using a grinder to get the most consistent and flavorsome experience from a water bong. A weed grinder will smooth out the weed and ensure no lumps when adding it to the bong. The weed you get after using a grinder has the perfect flavor and potency. This step is not very time-consuming; it will take only a few minutes to add weed to the grinder and get a uniform blend to use in a bong.

Add Weed to the Bowl

Remove the ground weed from the grinder, taking only a tiny portion of it, and put it in the bong's bowl. Now lightly press the weed so that it reaches further down the bowl. Now enter more weed and press it lightly with one finger, but make sure you don't overfill the bowl. Don't leave the weed loosely packed in the bowl, as it will affect the consistency and flavor of the smoke. After you load the bowl, insert it into the downstem.

Light the Water Chamber

Now that you've filled the entire bowl and inserted it into the downstem, you just have to light it with your non-dominant hand. Use a lighter or hemp wick and bring it near the bowl to light it up. Now use the mouthpiece to inhale the air gently. Keep on inhaling slowly and put your lips inside the mouthpiece. The smoke will move from the burning bowl to the downstem while you inhale the air. When the air passes through the holes in the percolator and water, you'll see bubbles forming while the chambers stay lit.

Make Another Hit

After taking your first hit, you might be ready to take another while the chambers stay lit. However, you must remember to clear it before you make another hit. Pull air with your lungs and remove the bowl from the downstem while holding the bong firmly with your free hand. This will allow the air to flow naturally through the bong and push the fumes quickly towards your lungs. Again, make sure you make gradual and gentle pulls; otherwise, you'll injure your throat.

Clean the Bong

To prolong the lifespan of your bong, you must clean it after every use. If there are any traces of ash, remove them and clean the bowl. An excellent way to empty the bowl is by using plastic bags that seal the top of the bong. Add any cleaning agent to the plastic bag and put the bowl in it. Besides that, you can also use rubbing alcohol or salt to clean the carb hole and the entire thing. The carb hole plays a vital role in clearing and filtering the smoke out of the chamber; thus, it should be adequately cleaned. Using the bong requires good bong etiquette, among which cleaning and clearing the bowl are the most important. Also, keep it on a flat surface and away from the reach of children.

What is the Purpose of Water in the Bong?

Most bongs are available in various sizes and styles, but the common thing is that they all need water or liquid for smoking cannabis. The water in the bong acts as a filtration system for the smoke in it. Before reaching the mouthpiece, the fume goes through the downstem and then passes through the water to cause bubbles. Producing bubbles filters the smoke to provide a clean and smooth hit. In addition, the water in the bong cleans the smoke by removing excess ash or particulate matter from the fumes and cooling it down. Thus, you can take huge rips from bongs without causing the smoke to harm your throat. Thus, the bong water or liquid reduces the harshness of the fumes in your throat. Not only water but any liquid in the bong will also filter the fumes and allow you to make smooth and cool hits more healthily as compared to other smoking methods.

Which Weed Strains are Best for Bong?

Getting high using a glass bong is a cool and healthy alternative to smoking joints or blunts. The good thing about using weed in a water bong is that more than 700 weed strains are available. Most of us have only heard about the Indica and Sativa strains, but if you're a regular smoker, you must know more about the difference between these strains and other options available.

While certain weed strains are good for trying after an exhausting and stressful day, others are good for getting high. Most smokers choose weed strains according to the reasons for which they smoke or use a bong. For example, Sativa strains are suitable for those who look for a boost of serotonin or warmth, while Indica strains have a sedative and mild effect. Some people use the Indica strains to calm themselves when nervous or relieve body aches. If you want a mix of both, hybrid strains are also available. We recommend trying the high-quality and potent strains from Exhale Wellness with your bong.

If you’re a beginner, you must try the delta-8 strains for beginners by Exhale Wellness. Besides, premium HHC flowers will allow you to enjoy the euphoric feeling of smoking cannabis flowers. On the other hand, the CBD flowers from Exhale Wellness are for those who want to enjoy smoking without a psychoactive effect. No matter which weed strain from Exhale Wellness you use, start slowly to see the results and gradually increase the dose. If you're wondering about what types of weed strains are best for bongs, we have jotted down the following list:

Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy is a potent hybrid strain that has a strong citrus profile and offers a clear-headed high. The strain combines Early Resin Berry, Sour Tsunami, and 25% THC to create hazy effects on the smoker. It has a euphoric and uplifting effect that relaxes the muscles and provides mental clarity. You can use this weed strain with a water pipe to enjoy the impactful and sweet flavor. However, you must ensure you don't take a high dose as it can make you lie on the bed for hours. Many bong smokers use it in low quantities with their bong to give themselves a boost in the morning.

This weed strain is a consumer favorite for its energizing effects, making it more popular among smokers and marijuana lovers. Unlike other strains, the Sour Space Candy provides pain relieving properties but doesn't blur the mind. In addition, the sweet and intense citrus aroma is good for evoking calmness in the smoker. This Sour Space weed strain is suitable for smokers looking to smoke; it's an intoxicating strain that also produces relaxation and improves focus.

Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG is another popular hybrid strain and consists of Indica and Sativa strains in well-balanced amounts. The strain presents a strong spicy herbal scent with a kush aroma that gets users relaxed and calm. This great taste comes from combining OG Kush, blueberry, and Maxar. The effects are hard-hitting, and as you inhale the subtle herbal smoke from your bong, you'll feel the difference in the hits.

The aroma of this strain has a slight herbal effect, and as soon as you start making puffs, your cerebral state feels rushed and high. The marijuana strain contains 22-28% THC and is suitable for treating a few health conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, stress, and mood swings. So, are you ready to savor the cheesy, earthy, and sweet apple influence with your bong?

Northern Lights

Use a bong with Northern Lights Kush if you want major calmness and relaxation. The CBD flower strain contains around 25% THC and has an Indica-dominant flavor. The strain produces a potent and robust aroma that allows the smoker to get high and achieve relaxation. Besides that, many smokers have also claimed that they get relief from stress, anxiety, and depression with this strain. The powerful effects of this strain stay for a long time and keep the smoker in a state of serenity.

The Northern Lights Kush has consequently received great reviews from users worldwide because of its blissful tranquility. If you're a beginner, the strain can leave you buzzed as it has robust earthy flavors. The rich, earthy, fruit-flavored strain helps with body aches and also calms down extreme nervousness. However, because of its potency and strength, don't use the strain if you're heading out somewhere, as this one will keep you buzzed.


Zkittles is a hybrid strain with an 18% THC level and is known for producing uplifting and energetic effects. The strain is obtained by mixing GrapeFruit and Grape Ape strains with other secret ingredients. The flavors are fruity and tropical, and the relaxing effects last a long time. The Zkittles strain produces a euphoric buzz as soon as you smoke through your bong. After that, the effects spread quickly throughout the body, relaxing the muscles and bringing the body to a euphoric state.

The high from smoking Zkittles is mild and won't cause anxiety or sedation. The strain is also perfect for people who suffer from stress and depression because of its mellow effects. As its name suggests, the strain has a mix of sweet, fruity, and tangy flavors that have an earthy touch too. Since the Zkittles strain has a relaxing high, it is suitable for smoking at home while you unwind after a stressful or tiring day at work.

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is a widespread weed strain called G4 or Original Glue. It is a cross between Sour Dubb, Chem’s Sistem, and Chocolate Diesel. This strain has been appropriately cultivated following the steps of its predecessors to ensure it produces the best effects. As a result, the strain produces a solid euphoric and relaxing effect that will have you resting on your bed or couch.

The Gorilla Glue is sour and earthy and has a touch of lemon and citrus flavors. You'll notice the aroma as soon as you break the weed or grind it using a grinder before adding it to the bowl of your bong. The strain has bright green buds with light orange hair packed with trichomes. Gorilla Glue is filled with a high dose of THC and is suitable for increasing appetite and promoting sleep. All these reasons make it one of the best weed strains Exhale Wellness produces.

Girl Scout Cookies

This is an Indica-hybrid weed strain obtained after crossing OG Kush and Durban Poison. Exhale Wellness developed this strain to provide a tremendous euphoric feeling that keeps the mind and body at ease. It has a delicious flavor and a sweet aroma that you can enjoy with a bong for smooth rips. A single puff of this strain will have you looking for something to eat as it dramatically enhances appetite, reduces stress, and keeps you relaxed.

This Cookies strain possesses a strong cookie-like scent on top of sweet cherry, lemon, and slightly minty flavors that can prove helpful after a stressful day or before bed. It contains around 15 to 18% THC and is perfect for treating nausea, appetite loss, headaches, and pain. Make sure you grind the weed strain finely before using it with the bong for a smooth and consistent flavor.

How to Make Weed Taste Better in a Bong?

After you've been using water for a bong, it'll become a routine, and you'll get used to it. Thus, many bong users think of alternatives to make the weed taste better. Though nothing can beat fresh water in a bong, if you like changing the taste of the weed, there are other alternatives too. These bong alternatives offer a refreshing and tastier smoke that can improve your smoking experience. So, it doesn't have to be only water for bongs every time; there are other good alternatives. The following are some of the bong liquids that you can use to smoke cannabis:

Hot Tea

You can consider hot tea if you're willing to replace regular water for bong smoking. The heat of the tea is enough to offer smooth and rich hits through a bong. The good thing about tea is that it is available in great varieties; thus, you can try different aromas that mix up with weed smoke to give you a unique smoking experience. Moreover, many smokers like warm water in their bongs, so adding tea would be helpful, especially if you want to clear your sinuses or have a sore throat. However, before pouring hot tea into your bong, ensure that your device is designed to withstand boiling water or a high temperature.

Ice Water

Ice water has proven to be a fantastic alternative to water at room temperature. You just have to add lots of ice to the bong water or an ice catcher in the bong for a cloud of cold and smooth smoke. Adding ice cubes to the bong will improve the water filtration and taste and will not affect the flavor of the weed. Besides that, you can also use icy water, such as water that has just melted from ice. However, one downside is that ice doesn't stay long and keeps melting, so you must keep replacing it.

Fruit-Flavored or Infused Water

Putting fruit-flavored water in your bong can improve the overall smoking experience. You can add small chunks of fruits such as berries, lemon peels, orange peels, mint, strawberries, ginger, or any of your favorite fruits to the water in the bong. The fruit-flavored water will give you a robust hit, and you'll get to enjoy strong and colorful flavors. The good thing about this alternative is that you have a wide variety of choices for the flavors. On the other hand, you must ensure that your bong isn't dirty; otherwise, it will affect the fruit-flavored water and make it taste artificial.


Gatorade is becoming popular as an alternative to water for the bong. The sports drink offers a lot of choices for flavors and a sweet touch to your smoking habit. Gatorade won't affect the weed flavor and offers a subtle flavor burst. However, you should remember that it has lots of sugar, making it an unhealthy choice. So if you have decided to enjoy Gatorade hits from your bong, remember to clean it properly once you're done smoking.

Cranberry Juice

Using fresh and cold cranberry juice can turn your bong smoking habit into a pleasant one with its fruity notes. The cranberry juice will give subtle flavors and cool colors to your bong smoke. You can also use this juice at room temperature or add ice as you like. Besides this, a good thing about using this juice is its acid content, which can also help clean dirt from your bong. However, this also means that the dirt can mix up in the juice and make the flavors bad because of acidity.


Wine is also a good option as it has low alcohol content, so it won't affect the THC while you make hits. You must choose a wine with a low alcohol content because you will be able to taste the weed flavor. However, some people also worry about inhaling alcohol fumes as they can be toxic. Thus, we recommend using wine with a low alcohol content as it won't cause harm compared to other wines with high alcohol content, such as vodka. Moreover, you should remember that using wine with a bong is an expensive option.


You might be surprised at this one, but this is an option for adding to your bong too. A blue-colored mouthwash with a hint of menthol will make your hits more enjoyable through a bong. Try finding an alcohol-free mouthwash and savor the refreshing taste. The potent flavors can add extra smoothness and freshness to your hits and leave a fresh and best taste in your mouth. Due to its potent nature, mouthwash will also help clean your bong.


Adding soda to bongs is also becoming common because people love soda. The idea of carbonating the smoke excites many smokers, who enjoy the flavors of their favorite soft drinks. You can try adding seven up or coke to the bong to get a refreshing and smooth smoke from the bong.

Iced Tea

If you dislike drinking hot tea or adding hot water to your bong, you can try filling it with iced tea. Using iced tea offers a perfect way to achieve smooth rips and chilled smoke from the bong. For a flavored effect, you can go for fruity iced teas with a potent flavor and an intense aroma. The best thing about iced tea is that it won't harm your bong, just like hot tea can, and a wide variety of flavors are available too.

Conclusion: How To Use Weed With Bong?

The best thing about smoking a bong is its flavor and aroma for the overall smoking experience. Plus, the smoke is less harsh and irritating than that of smoking from a blunt or joint, and this is because of the liquid used in the bong. However, you must change the liquid regularly to get the most out of your bong. Otherwise, the water in the bowl can smell unpleasant and get dirty.

Besides that, glass bongs can break easily if dropped or knocked over, so you must take care of them when handling them. If you're willing to smoke weed while traveling, consider buying the portable mini bongs. On the other hand, if you prefer keeping your bong at home and enjoying group smoking sessions, consider a bong that has a large chamber that lasts for a long time. Bongs offer more potent and bigger hits and are a fantastic way to smoke your favorite weed strains. Was this article helpful for you as a novice bong user? If so, try the Exhale Wellness weed strains to enjoy your bong's smooth and cool rips. The good thing is Exhale Wellness is offering 20% off on your first purchase for all of its products.

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