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The Importance of An Herb Grinder

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A dry herb grinder is essential. Whether you infuse your herb into a baked good or sprinkle it into a device -- the grinder starts your routine on the right foot.

Ash Catcher Guide

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Ash catchers - Did you know there's a way to trap water pipe build-up before it can reach your precious percolators? Find out how & which ash catchers are best!

Intro to Concentrates: A Guide to Getting Waxy

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Intro to Concentrates Smokers are coming out of the closet all around the globe, even yielding their own TedTalks on the perks of herbal treatment. All this progress has invited a whole new level of innovation into the world of extracts, with an eye on body benefits and effectiveness. Concentrates hit the scene back...

Keep Your Vape Pen Clean With These Easy Steps

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So we’ve clued you in on the basics of bong maintenance, and now it’s time to amplify your with a couple cleaning tips. Here’s why cleaning your vaporizer will do you good: Longer lifespan. Vaporizer technology has come a long way. But they’re still susceptible to the everyday wear-and-tear of anything you love and...