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Borosilicate Glass: What's in Your Bong?

Julia Abney 0 Comments

You see it listed as a water pipe perk all the time, but what is “Borosilicate Glass” really and why does it matter? Find out what YOU need to know to choose the best borosilicate glass bong & pipe now!

The Evolution of Smoking & Intelligent (Vape) Design

Julia Abney 0 Comments

How quickly we forget the fun of yesteryear. Radio stories? Silent film? Today’s storytelling via streaming web has us forgetting old-fashioned entertainment at lightning speed. In the same vein, we’ve gotten so engulfed in modern smoke technology that we barely remember the basics that got the good times rolling. Because there is no “Smoking...

Keep Your Vape Pen Clean With These Easy Steps

Julia Abney 0 Comments

So we’ve clued you in on the basics of bong maintenance, and now it’s time to amplify your with a couple cleaning tips. Here’s why cleaning your vaporizer will do you good: Longer lifespan. Vaporizer technology has come a long way. But they’re still susceptible to the everyday wear-and-tear of anything you love and...

The 5 Must Have Smoking Essentials for Summer 2017

Amanda Froelich 0 Comments

That’s right, spring is in full swing! No more Netflix hibernation or Vitamin D deficiencies ‘cause it is spring at last and that means summer is just around the corner! You fully intend to hit every music fest you can hitch a ride to, spend every lunch break outdoors, and beat  last year’s longest...