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Everything Dab Rigs - What a Beginner Needs to Know & More

Bobbi M 0 Comments

So, you're curious about dab rigs? In this beginner's guide, we will discuss what dab rigs are, how they work and what you need to know before using one. A dab rig is a type of smoking device used to consume cannabis concentrates. They come in many different shapes and sizes, but all dab...

Why THCP Is Becoming So Popular

Jason Fern 0 Comments

THCP is a new cannabinoid recently introduced into the market. Notable for its psychoactive effect and potency reported to be 33x stronger than the THC, it is well in demand. Perhaps, this is why THCP is becoming so popular.  So, what is THCP, is it legal, and what are its benefits? This article will...

8 Different Ways to Smoke Weed: Which One Is Best For You?

Anna L 0 Comments

There's something special about smoking cannabis. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that marijuana has been illegal in many countries for decades and has only recently been legalized in various states and countries. Learn the 8 different ways you can enjoy your cannabis and see which is your all time favorite?

The 4 Best Homemade Bongs & How to Make Them

Dopeboo Staff 0 Comments

Do you want to smoke but forgot your bong at a friend’s house? Maybe you haven’t got round to buying one yet, or you might just be feeling creative. Whatever the case, you want to make your own. Step in the homemade bong! How do you make one? Is it easy?    Yes! A ...

How to Use CBD Oil in Pain Management

Anna L 0 Comments

  These days, it's not hard to hear that cannabis or CBD can cure just about anything!  And while there is a lot of hype for these products and the related paraphernalia, there are also a TON of benefits that many are realizing from the use of these items alone or combined within other...

Everything You Need to Know About Carb Caps

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Do I really need a carb cap? That will be the question on every dabber’s mind, especially those who are about to try dabbing for the first time. Even if you are already dabbing and have been doing so for a while now, you might wonder if a carb cap will enhance the experience?! ...