Founded in San Francisco in 2007, 7Pipe rocket launched itself to the top of the glass industry with a groundbreaking product video that went viral overnight. Today, it continues to make rolling papers obsolete by catching the attention of over 37 million viewers.

Cleverly dubbed their Twisty Glass Blunt, this innovative glass pipe is engineered with a titaniumnitridescrew for an all-in-one portable piece that’s one of a kind. It’s so efficient that it grinds your dry herb in the same place you smoke it - out of a durable2mm thick German Schott glass cylinder piece.Whereas rolling herb can feel nostalgic, it's also time-consuming to constantly grind and fuss over sticky papers that sometimes rip and tear. The Twisty Glass Blunt does away with the hassle of traditional smoking methods while also providing a more powerful yet measured smoke.To pack it, just loosen the screw from the glass casing and cap it with one of the back stoppers that’s included. Then, begin to roll it counterclockwise into yourherb before gently twisting the screw piece back into the glass blunt for a seamless pack. It’s easily one of the best glass pipes for its ability to load up to 2 grams of herb for a sleek piece that can slip into your pocket as well as connect to your favorite water pipe. And since the Twisty Glass Blunt can be taken apart with little effort, it's almost effortless to clean and put back together.With a microfiber bag, a brush, two silicone caps, and an o-ring, you can travel organized with the Twisty Glass Blunt.

For a cooler smoke than traditionally rolled products, the Twisty Glass Blunt doubles the length of your smoke path for a powerful hit every time. Since it's equipped with "infini-cherry" technology, you can also rest assured that once it's lit, it stays lit for longer. And when you want to pause or end your session, it's as simple as turning a switch. Just unlock your Twisty Glass Blunt clockwise from its base until it releases burnt ash from the end of the piece to reveal fresh herb that’s ready to burn your next time around.

All in all, 7Pipe is pioneering the glass industry with quality pieces. Although the brand only has three products: the Twisty Ti, the Twisty Glass Mini, and the Twisty Glass Blunt, these state-of-the-art glass pieces are iconic smoking devices that have the potential to be the life of the party as well as the perfect augmentation to your favorite bong.

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