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Don’t ever forget: you’re amazing and you deserve the best in life. That’s what we know about you and what you love about DopeBoo. You’re here for a reason and that reason is to shop around for the... Read More

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The Best Pipes for Apartment Style Living

Impressive glass art pipes that double as decor in small living spaces.

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Girls’ Night: For Cloud-Loving Ladies

Start the new year surrounded by badass women. Girlbosses in the making, wo...

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Bongs for Beginners

Thinking about upgrading to a top-notch quality piece with all the elements r...

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Holiday Helpers

We’ve got a lineup of pieces to make you everyone’s favorite Secret Santa. He...

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PAX 3: The Ultimate Guide & Review

PAX 3 is all about dual function vaping. Take a peek into our personal experi...

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Trending Collabs

A Boo-approved list of superior collaborations between craftsmen, iconic cele...

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Buyer's Guide to Vaporizers: A Vaping Breakdown for Beginners

You nod, you smile, you get the gist the way we all smile along to discussion...

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