Boo Glass

Boo Glass Showerhead to Tree Perc Dual Chamber Ashcatcher

Confidently elevate your water pipe with the impressive engineering of a dual chamber ash catcher. This excellent addition stands 4.5 inches tall, efficiently amplifying a pipe’s power with superior diffusion and a prophylactic ash catcher. Stop build-up in your precious glass collection with this first line of defense. This male piece pairs with 45-degree, female jointed water pieces. A great way to experiment with new perc combos or level up a basic bong, the Boo Glass 45 Degree Showerhead to Tree Dual Chamber Ash Catcher is fitted with one exquisite percolator pair. Take your pick between 14mm and 18mm standard joint sizes. Also personalize the pipe accessory with clear, black, and green glass accents. This powerful piece can transform a water pipe from mediocre to mega satisfaction. Mix up date night or flash some new percs to the crew – boring days and special occasions could all use a boost from the Dual Chamber Ash Catcher.