GRAV 14mm Standard 45° Ash Catcher

Enhance and protect your precious water pipe with a GRAV ash catcher. These Austin-based engineers put a lot of care into their scientific glass designs, and now they’veleaned into crafting accessories that keep them puffing at peak performance. This design slides into any female piece of glass. The borosilicate piece measures 1.5 inches in diameter and 5 inches tall. A bubbler in its own right, the American made ash catcher includes a removable diffused showerhead downstem for smooth, soothed rips every time. This essential piece comes fitted with a male funnel bowl slide for your favorite ground material. The advantages of an ash catcheris that it creates a pre-pipe chamber to catch loose ash before it can get caught inpercs and tight crevices asbuild-up in your precious water pipe. It also enhances simple silhouettes with another tier of percolation power.

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14mm - 45 degree

14mm - 90 degree

19mm - 45 degree

19mm - 90 degree