Ronin Glass

Ronin Glass "Gunbai" Honeycomb to Showerhead Ashcatcher

Just as every legit samurai would carry a “Gunbai,” every legit smoker should have an ashcatcher. This ashcatcher features a showerhead percolator with a thin vertical tube that widens into a round chamber. It has slits along the perimeter for increased filtration and diffusion, and its name comes from its resemblance to a showerhead. The efficiency of this ashcatcher will have you cleaning out your piece a lot less often than you used to, as this extremely useful accessory stops buildup and residue from accumulating in hard-to-reach places. Because the ashcatcher is clear, you can see the ash buildup and know when it’s time to be emptied. One of the best perks of this ashcatcher is that it comes in many different options, giving you the decision to choose the joint angle and the joint size. The joint size you pick will correspond with the size of the joint on top (where you put your bowl).