Dank Tools

Dank Tools 14mm/18mm Universal Domeless Titanium Nail with Quartz Dish

The best of two worlds meet in this must-have accessory. Concentrates will flourish in this ideal blend between titanium and quartz glass construction. Titanium is well known for long-lasting durability and impressive heat retention. Quartz has a strong reputation for clean vapor delivery in luxury quality. In yet another of Dank Tool’s inspired nail designs, titanium and quartz collide for legendary performance. This domeless design offers the perfect amount of maneuverability as your loading extracts with the dab tool. The unique piece also unscrews into three small pieces for thorough cleaning and endlessly powerful puffs. A hole at the center of the quartz dish channels concentrate vapor directly into your favorite dab rig in one efficient piece. The domeless step eliminates two extra steps in sliding on and off a dome. The quartz dish also holds a generous portion of your waxy extracts for an overall impressive piece that doesn’t disappoint.