Best Bongs

Best Bongs

How do you know which bongs and water pipes will truly deliver? The best types of bongs range from simple and elegant to crazy and unique conversation starters. These bongs boast a masterful blend of art and science, each with different attributes to match different tastes - from first-timers to seasoned glass experts. Our online headshop is especially partial to thick, borosilicate glass, and it shows. This high-end glass is typically considered the gold standard by glassblowers. What are the best bong brands? Here's a round-up of our top-selling, highest-rated bongs and dab rigs. 

#1 Best Brand: GRAV

Perhaps the most well-known and high-quality glass in the industry, GRAV pipes hit top-seller status long ago, and they haven't lost their thrill! One-of-a-kind science meets laboratory style with the GRAV Helix, GRAV Upline, and GRAV STAX enhancements. Even the basics (like a GRAV Beaker Bong) remain best-sellers.

#2 Best Brand: Boo Glass

We save you the added cost of a trendy logo. By keeping it simple, our water pipes are top-notch performers at an affordable price. Borosilicate bounces back from butterfingers while impressive percs bubble away! Whether you are looking for a smooth hitting glycerin bong or one that is loaded with percs, you are sure to find one you love here!

#3 Best Brand: UPC Glass

These premium pipe-makers handcraft every piece in Los Angeles, California. UPC's signature style is thick borosilicate glass bong. You know your water pipe is made by a true enthusiast when they include a high-quality banger nail with every dab rig.

Best Modular Bong

GRAV Labs STAX Collection Modular bongs make it easy to swap in cool features and adjust the size of your water pipe. The GRAV Labs STAX Collection ranks #1 when it comes to modular pipes - by far.  If you'd like to get started with STAX, try a STAX Starter Kit that includes a base, perc, and mouthpiece to get the ball rolling. From there, it's easy to swap in and out cool features. 

Best Silicone Bong

NUCLEUS Silicone Beaker bongs are booming! It's not hard to figure out why: they're easy to clean (dishwasher safe!) and super resilient. Silicone also comes in unbeatable bold color options. Silicone is safe for use with high heat, which makes it great for dabbing and dry herbs. 

Best Glass Art Bong

The Beehive Recycler from Empire Glassworks, who has been at the artsy and fun glass game for quite a while gets our vote. The California-based artists and owners handworked fine glass jewelry for decades before they set their sites on handcrafted pipes. Inspired, limited edition designs make an awe-worthy impression through rich hues, detailed textures, and sturdy boro glass. Another stylish bong brand is The China Glass, who are rebranding overseas glass with shapes and patters to make you go "woah."


Best Beaker Bong

Boo Glass 17” Super Thick Beaker Bong is a high-end beaker bong that is as heavy as it is tall ... and it’s seriously heavy! Its sophisticated style -- crisp and fresh like a laboratory -- makes it easy to keep clean. If you want to amp it up with percolation, try popping on a 45-degree ash catcher! 


Best Ash Catcher Bong

Nucleus UFO Perc & Ash CatcherBong has got it all! Perc bongs freshen up an inhale before the goodness hits your lips. Like this one, the best bongs also have an ice catcher or glycerin chiller. Involving an ash catcher is a rare gem among glassmakers. Ash catchers keep your percolators clean and your bongwater clear. They trap build-up so less of it gets stuck in those hard-to-reach areas. GRAV ash catchers are also top-sellers.

Best Dab Rig

UPC Tear Drop Bubbler Rig is ... simply effective. Powerful puffs stream through this dab rig with ease. UPC provides a thick quartz banger nail -- where other brands miss the mark. The shape fits naturally in your hand, and the open top nail is easy to maneuver. Looking for something a bit more intense? Another of the best dab rigs Ronin Glass's "Kabutowaki" Dab Rig. This New Jersey brand takes its inspiration for each piece from the power and precision of ancient warrior weapons. Many skinny neck bongs are topping the DopeBoo charts this year.

Best Percolator Bong

Pulsar Blue & Green Worked Bong is a brilliant water pipe that is not for the faint of heart. Thick borosilicate glass feels heavy in the hand. Solid and sturdy. Want the bong, but not the big bucks? Try the Boo Glass version with Stereo Matrix percolators, too! The most popular percolators overall are: tree percs, inline percs, UFO percs, honeycomb percs, and turbine percs. GRAV Labs UPLINE collection is the bestselling perc-focused line.

Best Straight Tube Bong

The Boo Glass 4-Arm Tree Perc Straight Tube is a classic straight neck that takes up the least amount of space, yet delivers unbeatable efficiency. It's an excellent intersection of high-quality and affordability. Replace the dry herb slide with a ceramic nail for added fun with concentrates. GRAV straight tube bongs also take the lead.


Now that you’ve taken a gander at what gets other pipe collectors excited, we hope you’ll find your own bubblin' soulmate in the DopeBoo online headshop. Take a scroll through our bongs for sale including collections of affordable bongs, recycler bongs, percolator bongs, straight tube, and beakers.

Happy bong shopping!

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