BOO Glass

BOO Glass

You’re here for a reason and that reason is to shop around for the BEST smoking products you can get your hands on! You surely know by now that DopeBoo is yo’ boo and we’ve got your back! DopeBoo has an outstanding lineup of vaporizers, glass bongs, and water pipes. The style and physique of our products are second to none because we’ve detailed and crafted not only the best-looking products on the market but the finest in functionality as well. Not only is DopeBoo the best online headshop they’re the best supplier on the market today.

What sets our products apart from the rest? Well first off, we offer free shipping! You won’t find that just anywhere. What’s more, DopeBoo glass is blown to perfection so you know you’re buying a perfectly crafted piece of smoking equipment that won’t break from the slightest mistake like many of our competitors. 

DopeBoo vapes and vape-pens come in numerous colors, shapes, and sizes and stand up to any vape manufacturer in terms of quality and consistency of the smoke. Your experience will always be a pleasurable one if you stick with DopeBoo. We guarantee smooth and consistent vape sessions that will maintain the flavor of your product while allowing it to last longer.

We even make cleaning supplies to make sure all your DopeBoo products are in tip-top shape when you need them. Our Pipe Cleaners not only look cool - they work like a charm. The stiff ridges and fuzzy outer coating cling and grab any residue it comes into contact with. With these babies, you’ll be whipping away the residue faster than your buddy can pack up a new one!

Speaking of packing a new one. Have you taken a look at our Circ Perc Half Fab Egg Recycler? This smokes even better than it looks! The twists and turns that revolve around this piece of smoking art are entirely functional. This bong is designed to take the smoke from your dry herb or concentrate and warp it through cool water-filled tunnels like it just got a free all-access pass to the Wisconsin Dells! By the time the smoke hits your lungs, the only thing you will feel is the blissful body buzzing goodness that mother nature intended.

When shopping DopeBoo it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a grinder, vape, bong, pipe, or any number of accessories and add-ons, you’re sure to find a first class product that exceeds your expectations. We hope you’re comfortable around jealous people because you’ll be surrounded by them every time you bring a DopeBoo product around.

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