GRAV 7" Upright Bubbler - Black Accents

This is one serious bubbler with 50mm thick glass and 7" tall! The GRAV 7" Medium Upright Bubbler is best filled with 2" of water and comes ready to use with a 14mm funnel bowl. Smoke diffuses through water by way of a fission downstem that's fixed inside to prevent damage. The Dewar sealed joint is designed to maximize internal volume and is flush with the body of the bubbler. The splashguard, lit wrap, and angled mouthpiece were all created with comfort in mind. This very well may be the best bubbler on the market. Product comes with assorted label colors: any of black, white, blue, green, red, purple, yellow, orange, or etch.

  • Height: 7"
  • Joint: 14mm Female
  • Use With: Dry Herb 
  • Comes With: 14mm Funnel Bowl
  • Designed By: Stephan Peirce