Boo Glass

Boo Glass Quartz 2-in-1 Sidearm Carb Cap and Dabber

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This magnificent accessory is here to take your dab rig routine to the next level. Crafted from clean quartz, the 2-in-1 Side Arm Carb Cap Dabber won’t leave any metallic hints or affect the freshness of your flavor. The convenient design includes a side-set carb cap and a pointed dab tool. Use the dabber tip to scoop legal waxy extracts onto a heated nail. Then slide over the cup-like carb cap to send rich concentrate vapor swirling right into your favorite rig. Not a drop to waste! The side arm silhouette is a unique take on two-in-ones that usually require you to flip around the sticky tip to use the cap. This simply genius design doesn’t require any extra strategizing – just tap the tip and plop the cap! Pair it with the perfect silicone storage jar and dab dish for a fully flawless concentrate experience. This may just be your new favorite dabbing companion.