Boo Glass

Boo Glass 14mm/18mm Onion Style Ceramic Universal Carb Cap

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The Ceramic Onion Carb Cap has been an instant sensation. Concentrate connoisseurs are raving over natural motion and oven-baked boost that conservers your favorite legal waxy extracts. Ceramic is well-known for holding heat longer than either quartz or titanium tools. A small ventilation hole increases airflow to enhance cloud size without letting wax go to waste. The ceramic carb cap is universal in size for use with 14mm and 18mm joints. Its ergonomic onion dome shape rests casually in-hand, and drops steadily onto a domeless nail. Clean construction delivers a fresh flavor and aroma as vapor streams into your favorite rig. This piece is worthy of even your very best pipe. The highly-acclaimed shape and material combo complements the wax routine like a soulmate match. Confidently rip pure quality vapor as you maximize concentrate performance with the must-have onion silhouette. The piece measures 3 inches in length for an efficient and portable experience.