Vaping, vaping, vaping. It’s something we’re hearing more and more about, and something that’s taking the smoking industry by storm. Vaping is an overall unique experience. Instead of lighting up a bowl or pipe, you’re pressing a button, breathing in deep and getting the most of your legal products. Smoking is iffy for some, because of the harmful byproducts that are produced. Vaporizers take that issue out, heating your herbs (and waxy or liquid products, too, if you’re using dual-use vaporizers) to just the right temperature, so that you’re getting all of the flavor and effect that you want, without taking a toll on your lungs. That being said, so many people are looking to an online vape shop to compare all there is to offer and find the best portable vaporizer on the market. Of course, DopeBoo vapes are never going to disappoint, which is why DopeBoo has stocked up with Cloudious9 brand.

You might as well be on cloud nine when it comes to using Cloudious9 products. This is a brand that is always pushing the limits. The vaping industry is innovating, and innovating fast. That means strong brands have to keep up with the competition and always push to make their vapes better. Cloudious9 has worked to do just that with a forward-thinking team of designers and engineers that have put together one of the best vaporizers yet - the Hydrology 9 Vaporizer.

An efficient filtration system is a staple for the best herb vapes. They filter smoke for a clean, smooth and flavorful inhale, without the strong feeling of the smoke characteristic of bongs and pipes. While some prefer that, the filtration mechanism of vapes also helps lower the unfavorable intake. The Hydrology9 uses a built-in “Tunnel Tube” filter system that gives an unobstructed flow of vapor, all while making sure the vape is leakproof. What does this mean for you? A cool, easy, mess- and stress-free vape sesh.

DopeBoo has a near never-ending collection of some of the best bongs, best pipes, and best smoking accessories on the market. Their vapes are no exception, incorporating the latest and greatest technology. Cloudious9 equipped the Hydrology9 with precise temperature control that allows you to seamlessly switch between 5 five stages. Not only is it personalized to what you want, but it also caters to your stash (and budget) by using heat control for a slow, even burn, making your materials last for less reloading and more vaping.

When you buy vapes online, it’s easy to choose based on appearance. We know Hydrology9 has the technology, but what about its appearance? Borosilicate glass gives a pristine look, also see-through, so you can watch the stellar filtration. The rest of the body is made with spacecraft-grade aluminum alloy that won’t rust and won’t leak, thanks to the 360-degree anti-leak mechanism. Long story short, it’s going to amaze you with how it works and with how it looks. Keep your vape running at its best by stocking up on cleaning tools and accessories, like the Herbalizer 6-Pack of screens, keeping your loading chamber clean and free of debris.

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