Concentrate Vaporizers

Concentrate Vaporizers

The perks of vaporizing just got even more portable! Discover why concentrate vapes are everywhere these days: from summer fests to tv shows. There's nothing easier than popping on a cartridge and hitting the road (or the Netflix button on your remote). 

Herbal concentrates are redefining what it means to “get lifted” with the perfection of Concentrate Vaporizers. The convenience of oil, wax, and e-juice concentrates complemented by the use of a Vape Pen or Ultra-Portable Vaporizer will save precious time wasted grinding flowers and leave you with the clean green aroma exclusive to the vapor. No secondhand smoke--just a refreshingly natural experience.

Concentrates are best known for their herbal efficiency, a transcendent ability to squeeze all of an herb’s most important essences into a small amount of wax or liquid that can be discreetly vaped whether on the go or in the comfort of your own home. That's why dab pens have exploded in the last few years. The most recent vape models boast unprecedented travel ease with the reliability of popular desktop vaporizers. Concentrate vapes also heat much faster than your standard Dry Herb Vaporizer, so you’re in for a quick and potent smoke alternative with any of the concentrate devices in here in our DopeBoo Vape Shop!

Due to the fact that dry herbs only need to be heated to a low 360 degrees Fahrenheit (before combusting into smoke rather than nice clean vapor), it’s important to choose a vaporizer that is designed to work with concentrates specifically. Luckily, many of the devices found in our wide selection of award-winning vaporizers function seamlessly between a variety of dry herbs, waxes, and oils. The versatile Haze Vaporizer is one highly-rated dual chamber vape that works with all three types of botanical material.

Techies have grown as infatuated with these groundbreaking new gadgets. The Storz & Bickel Crafty Vaporizer marks our most technologically advanced digital vaporizer with its own unique SV App (for Mac or PC) that allows for precise temperature control and even runs self-diagnostics! There has never been a more exciting time to shop for vaporizers.

Wax extract enthusiasts will notice the incredible advances in e-Nail Vaporizers--also referred to as e-Rigs. These cutting-edge devices can reach upward of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of moments while weighing in at just a few ounces. Known for their dense clouds and simplicity of use, theDr. Dabber Boost e-Rig and KandyPen’s Waxxy line of concentrate vaporizers have gained a strong reputation in the vape community.

Nearly all of our concentrate vaporizers fromPulsar to Source, offer a manufacturer’s warranty (even on their already long-lasting lithium-ion batteries) that reduce the risk and up the fun in vape shopping for every size budget.

Explore DopeBoo's lineup of acclaimed vaporizer kits, pens, ultra-portables, and desktop vaporizers to reach your highest potential in concentrated pleasure. Browse our Concentrate Accessories collection for more cool sidekicks.
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