STAX Modular Bongs by GRAV

STAX Modular Bongs by GRAV

DopeBoo’s medley of cutting-edge STAX bases and attachments by GRAV are guaranteed to enhance your personal smoking experience. With thick borosilicate glass, ingenious ash-catcher designs, glycerin adapters that add a next-level of chill to your piece and visionary perc bong filters - you can mastermind some unusually dope bongs.

Founded in 2004 in Austin, Texas, GRAV creates imaginative artisan glass pieces at an affordable cost while pioneering the glass industry with sleek designs and game-changing accessories inspired by scientific equipment.

Whether you currently own glass water pipes, wide-set beaker base bongs or more advanced scientific bongs and recycler bongs, Dopeboo offers an extensive collection of GRAV’s scientifically-inspired glass base attachments and adapters for ultramodern augmented bongs. Our selection of connective STAX bases are eye-catchingly transparent and include high-tech features like naturally percolating coil showerheads, funnel-ready beaker bases, dual-function inline bases, honeycomb disc bases and more. Just as awe-inspiring are Grav Labs more attachable products like their 5.5" Phoenix Bong Ash Catcher. As long as it meets your desired measurements with its 90-degree angle and 14mm joint; it's comfortable to use and sensible to maintain for one powerful glass pipe accessory. Its sturdy borosilicate glass, durable tubing and removable downstem ensure its gold standard as a dynamic ash catcher. Not only is it incredibly easy to clean but due to its removable top, you can put ice or diffuser beads inside your ash catcher to further enhance your water filtration process.

Aside from ice catchers, Dopeboo offers GRAV's equally covetable 5" Chiller Glycerin Adapter w/ 14mm Coil. Engineered to Fit snug between your bowl and your downstem, this adapter immediately chills your smoke through a glycerin coil just before going through your unique water filtration setup. Since glycerin is known for its ability to cool at extreme temperatures without freezing or expanding, this adapter offered by Dopeboo will supercharge the cooling effect of your most cherished bong. Best of all, the glycerin coil is encased in a spunky red ruby dye and at just 5 inches high, it's portable enough to pop in your freezer for a frosty smooth inhale again and again.  
Another modestly sized yet astonishing accessory by GRAV is their 7" Stax Coil Perc Bong Filter. Attach it to your favorite STAX Base or mouthpiece to filter your smoke through 7 inches of coil for a crisp inhale. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it's extremely portable and an ideal replacement for more bulkier percolators and adapters when you’re on-the-go.

With STAX glass by GRAV, you can build your own unique smoking system from the base up. Not only can you combine your favorite mouthpiece with your favorite base but you can easily take these pieces apart to form a completely new bong in the future. With durable STAX bases, mouthpieces and adapters that are offered by GRAV via our online head shop, your choices are unlimited.

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