Boo Glass

Boo Glass Multi-Tone Colored Dab Rig with Diffused Downstem

Set your concentrates to lift-off in the epic performance of this fiery multi-tone dab rig! This incredibly crafted rig is made of 7.5 inches of thick, sturdy glass. Torch the nail with your favorite torch before dabbing on some legal waxy extracts and sliding on the rich-hued dome. Your vaporous inhale will journey through the fixed downstem, through the slit circ perc, and up the comfortably contoured neck. This effective silhouette allows you to keep your piece in-palm as you casually give it a rip through the mouthpiece. A feathery, fiery multi-tone aesthetic sends your dabs soaring in style. The male joint measures a universal 18 millimeters, which means bucket-lovers and dry herb fanatics can easily swap in and out their favorite accessories. This excellent pipe marks the crossroads of quality and affordability for your new go-to. This must have three-piece concentrate pipe is ready at any time, any place!