Pulsar Dual Function Herb/Wax Water Pipe - 12.5"/19mm

Dual function is hitting the scene hard these days, with Pulsar glass leading the pack when it comes to quality. One end functions with a straightforward concentrate bucket, while the opposite side of the bubble base is balanced by a dry herb slide. You can use this pipe to go hard with simultaneous inhales, or for its incredible efficiency working two pipes into one piece – just pop in the “joint stopper” plug when you’re in the mood for solo function. Draw through a comfortably flared 38mm mouthpiece, and experience the transformation as your smoke ascends through the bed of water, up into an out-of-this-world UFO perc, and through the three-pinch ice catcher for smooth, cool, powerful pulls. The side banger nail and dry herb slide are each seamless 19mm joints. At 12.5 inches tall, this Dual Function Pulsar is great for solo relaxation or passing to a friend (who will certainly be impressed!). Features a UFO perc, 19mm joints, joint stopper, 38mm mouthpiece and 3-pinch ice catch. Includes herb slide and side banger nail.

• 12.5"
• Dual function water pipe
• UFO perc
• 19mm joints
• Joint stopper included
• 3-pinch ice catch
• 38mm mouthpiece
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