Boo Glass

Boo Glass Quartz 2-in-1 Carb Cap and Dabber

Streamline your dab routine with the Quartz 2-in1 Carb Cap and Dabber. This dab tool keeps things running smoothly, even when you find yourself in a sticky situation. Wax concentrates flourish in quartz construction that preserves the naturally fresh flavor without the metallic hints of titanium tools. A cut above the average dab tool, this quartz dabber is enhanced with an angle cut at the carb cap, two holes for ventilation and a Maria ring for durability. Simply scoop your favorite concentrates onto the heated nail with the pointed dab tool tip, then give it a flip to let the carb cap channel every drop of vapor into your dab rig. The angled cut cap is excellent for working around any rig shape – even pieces with tightly fitted joints. The clear, lustrous design won’t clash with your pipe style’s style and kill the vibe. It will only take your sesh to the next level with precision control.