Boo Glass

Boo Glass Bubble Style Carb Cap

You may have seen these dominating the YouTube concentrate scene lately. Pro level dabbers were the first to discover the Bubble Carb Cap, yet it’s a fun and useful accessory for every experience level. Pick the cap that suits your rig best with a wide selection of six cool colors. The benefits of the spherical shape are the ability create a seamless fit on top of a dome or banger; and to fit onto a wider variety of sizes. So give no thought to whether the bubble cap will fit – it certainly will. Made by blowing out the center of a 2 inch tube, the ends work as a handle that allows you to also tilt the piece at any angle you like. It’s always the simplest concepts that make the biggest impact! Long lasting, yet affordable – you can easily snag one for each room. The colored glass accessory functions with most nails, but is most highly compatible with a thermal banger. This thermal banger carb cap will send every swirl of concentrate vapor directly through your rig, so not a wisp goes to waste.