Dan Rushin

Dan Rushin

Smoking doesn’t need to be complicated - it can be something that’s simple, easy and enjoyable. The collection of DopeBoo glass pipes makes sure you have just that with the best bongs and pipes on the market, all in one place. That would be why you’ll find Dan Rushin in the online head shop. Dan Rushin is a brand named after the glass master himself. Each and every one of his pipes is a piece of artwork, showing off vibrant colors and designs that scream personality. They’re right up there with scientific bongs, putting forth a beautiful design, without all of the angles, percs and pieces.

Large bong and pipe companies are always pushing the limits with technology and features that are constantly changing, which is great. DopeBoo carries the best of their vaporizers, bongs and water pipes from the industry, but also highlights individual glassworkers like Dan Rushin too. His heady glass pieces are often extremely colorful, adding a blast of personality to your smoke sesh. The 5” Green/Blue Wig Wag Pipe and the 24kt Gold and Silver Fumer Pipe are perfect examples, which is why they’re a huge hit in the smoke shop. Metallic swirls flow down the pipe and spiral at the bowl end, mimicking the smoke trails you’ll be making, standing out against the vibrant colored glass. Any of Dan Rushin’s pipes are sure to be a conversation piece.

Although Dan Rushin pipes play with colors and designs for a standout look, they still maintain the traditional style of glass pipes. The rounded bowl is deep-loading for a satisfying pack of your favorite legal dry herbs and flowers, and the pipe itself is simple to hold and pass. There’s not any water in them, so you don’t have to worry about that part of the cleaning, or about spills. Simply load in your materials, light up and enjoy. The best glass pipes are also outfitted with a carb at the end, so of course, Dan Rushin products have them. The carb lets you clear the smoke out of your pipe, boost the airflow, and inhale smoothly.

The open bowl at the end of the pipe is super easy to access. No maneuvering different parts, unscrewing mouthpieces or filling with water. Once your herbs are packed, a simple touch of a flame and you’re ignited. Scientific bongs are great, but sometimes they’re hard to bring along with you because of their large size and fragile extensions. Hand pipes are slim and fit in the palm of your hand, so they’re easy to tuck in your pocket, bag or purse. This means that you can bring it with you on the go, and you can tuck it away for discreet storage.

If you want to make the most of your pipe or bong, you need to keep it clean. Stock up on screens, cleaning tools, cleaning solutions, wipes and more to clean out ash and debris, keeping your piece pristine. Storage cases are also a great idea to protect your pipe during storage and transport. No matter what you’re looking for, the collection of accessories has you covered. All in all, with a huge collection of add-ons to choose from and blazing fast shipping, DopeBoo is your spot for where to buy glass pipes online.

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