Doob Tube

Doob Tube

Imagine you had a dream, well… more of a nightmare really. You were on a road trip with your friends. After several hours of driving, you reached your destination, unpacked your bags and finally took some time to relax. You all decided to take a stroll through the local park to smoke a doobie that your buddy had rolled the night before. When you sit down on the park bench, your buddy pulls a doobie out of his pocket wrapped in a ziplock bag. You light it up, take a draw, and POOF the doobie lights up and burns out faster than a matchstick?

Luckily this was just a nightmare! What really happened was your friend made sure the doobie would not dry out and packed it in a dry herb storage container called a Doob Tube! Because there’s nothing worse than a doobie that canoes, tunnels, burns out, breaks apart, unravels, hits harsh, or just plain smokes like crap! This is why Doob Tube Corporate invented the Doob Tube. To this day, over six million tubes have been sold. That equates to tens of millions of doobie lives saved thanks to this DopeBoo stash jar.

An obvious feature of the Doob Tube is that it will protect your doobie from breaking in a bag or in your pocket. The hard polycarbonate plastic shell keeps everything safe and airtight. Yes, you read that correctly - airtight! With a Doob Tube, your doobie is guaranteed to maintain its perfect moisture level no matter the circumstances. Now you can carry your doobie from the Amazon to the Sahara Desert without worrying about it losing any flavor or humidity. The flavor component is the most important. As dry herb gains and loses moisture, the flavor complex changes and after time can become quite undesirable. The Doob Tube, large or small, will protect your dry herb from all this nonsense. So grab your Grav Labs and get smokin!

A Doob Tube can even compliment vaporizers because the best vaporizers are specifically designed to vaporize dry herb at a certain humidity and temperature. If your herb is too dry, it will not burn as effectively in any vaporizer. DopeBoo bongs will work even better when you use fresh herb in them. This is one more reason to not stash your herb in just any smoking accessory or plastic bag. It is essential to keep it airtight and smell proof! Get a Doob Tube.

Your best online smoke shop has, for years, been the best online vaporizer store, offers all the best selling bongs, and now is offering you the best portable doobie container on the market as well. So don’t disappoint your friends on the next long road trip!
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