Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks 14" Flagship Kraken Bong

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Feel the full effect of masterful artistry paired with powerful inhales. This excellent Empire Glassworks water pipe stands an impressive 14-inches tall in a work-of-art silhouette. The tall stature is balanced by a thick and wide 4.5-inch base. Crafted in California, the magnificent Flagship Kraken Bong doesn’t miss a detail in its artfully aquatic design. Within the crystal clear walls of this water pipe rests a winning combination of honeycomb and circle percs. Eye-catching creatures soothe the eyes with meticulous handworked colors and inspired attention to detail. The 90-degree female Dewar’s joint is reinforced with a second prong to preserve the lifespan of this precious piece. A matching male slide polishes off the pipe’s sea creature swirl of fish, coral, boats, and the Kraken himself. Time to spark some nautical inspiration into your pipe collection! This piece boosts the mood as a striking work of art just sitting on the shelf.