Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks Arctic-Themed Spoon Pipe

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Winter is coming and we couldn’t be more pumped about it! Pop on your sweater, cozy up by the fire, and grab one of pumpkin-everything cause you’ve got the perfect pipe to unwind all winter long. The crisp white spoon is embellished with Empire Glasswork’s signature attention to detail -- down to the icicle drips, penguin friends, polar bear, and blue-hued accents. The best part: all that artwork still packs a powerful puff! Just load the deep-set spoon with your favorite material to savor milky rips channeling the arctic frost with side-carb construction. The frosty blue and white design also doubles as holiday decor beneath the twinkly lights for an added bonus of visual pleasure. Empire’s LA-based artists have been chilling with the glass medium for over forty years in fine jewelry. You’ll instantly appreciate the dynamic intricacies this mood-booster has to offer. Just add it to Santa’s list of stocking stuffers!