Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks "Under the Sea" Glass Spoon

Ready for a trip under the sea? Dive right into this incredible sidekick that’s handcrafted in California. The work of art hand pipe is made by Empire Glassworks, the industry’s famous fine-jewelers-turned-pipe-masters. You can spot their signature style in the thick borosilicate design, rich handworked colors, dynamic lines, and over the top attention to detail. Let the flora and fauna of the deep blue accompany you on maritime adventures of Bill Murray in The Life Aquatic or watch Blake Lively fight of sharks in the visual trip of The Shallows. Dreaming of being seaside or laying out on the beach -- this impeccable spoon pipe is enhanced with charming details from deep spoon tip to contoured mouthpiece. Thick glass marbles act as a sturdy grip as you use the side carb to control airflow. Only 5 inches long, you can easily carry this any and everywhere you go. Small and portable as it is, it is made of the highest quality material in Placentia, California. Take the ocean with you and never stop enjoying the beauty of the world under the sea.