Gilded Glass

Gilded Glass

In the Great State of California, there is no shortage of fantastic glassblowers. But, there is one name that has been on the lips of most every celebrity herb enthusiast imaginable. Los Angeles based, Gilded Glass has been renowned for more than just their ultra luxe, super high-end glassware, and super exclusive customer base. Their client list contains some of the biggest names on the scene, and it continues to grow with new up and comers every day. However, that isn't all that has set them apart from so many of the other premium brands out on the market selling bong, dab rig, and glass hand pipes. The Gilded Glass logo that each beautiful piece wears is actually 24k gold. No really. Real gold is imprinted onto each Gilded Glass pipe making it a truly luxurious experience for you and all of your crew.  Even if you prefer to enjoy this luxury alone, these glass pipes are what dreams are made of. Treat yourself to a bit of the finer things in life emblazoned with a 24k gold mark of excellence. 


Fan Favorite: Gilded Glass & the Glassheads Teapot Bubbler


Although this Gilded Glass creation appears to be just an ordinary bubbler, don't let this little hottie fool you. This little teapot may be short and stout. But look closer! This bubbler is a fully functional dab rig. Although it can happily hold dry herb, it's wax, oils, and concentrates that this bubbler fancies. An ultra high-quality banger nail comes included with this high-quality piece, so you're ready to dab when this beauty gets to your house. This top of the line teapot bubbler is available in some wondrously, luscious colors.  With names like Slyme Green, Cadillac Pink, and Wisteria, this is one fantastically bespoke pipe that is unbelievably customizable. You can take pride when you purchase any one of the stunning pipes wearing the GIlded Glass name that you've made a good choice. The Teapot Bubbler is a piece poised to stay a favorite in anyone's collection and will surely remain by your side for years to come.


Hailing from Savannah, Georgia, a city famous for an eclectic, artisan vibe, this peach of a rig is the result of a partnership between Gilded Glass and the fine artisans at Glassheads. There's no argument that these folks have a knack for designing some of the most sought-after pipes around. Celebrities and regular people alike, everyone seems to be able to agree that Gilded Glass has it going on.  No matter if you buy this gorgeous water pipe for yourself or as a gift, you'll be sure to join the elite list of fans clamoring for a taste of the good stuff.


There's been a buzz about Gilded Glass and their attention to detail. Famous for creating charismatic glass, Gilded Glass pipes have personalities all their own. Each water pipe wearing the ultra-recognizable Gilded Glass logo is made of only the highest grade handcrafted glass. One look at the 24K gold logo and you've announced to the world that you have good taste. Impressive in their weight and stability, these pipes are designed with the everyday user in mind. Keeping your glassware clean is imperative to maintaining your herbs full taste spectrum, and also the way to keep your bong as pristine as the day you received it.





How to Clean Gilded Glass Water Pipes


First things first, never use chemicals or harsh cleaners such as acetone nail polish remover to clean your Gilded Glass. These will wreck the integrity of your scientific grade glass and destroy the fresh, and flavorful hits your water pipe was designed to create. DopeBoo always recommends using Earth-friendly methods of bong cleaning such as Epsom salt, coarse sea salt, kosher salt, or Rock Salt. For ultra-crazy, stubborn stains, use your favorite wire pipe cleaners or bong cleaning brush with a mixture of the salt of your choice. Combine the salt and rubbing alcohol together. Salt is

semi-abrasive and can remove the toughest bong residue, while the rubbing alcohol is gentle, yet effective.


Best Gilded Glass Rig for Dabbers


The Pinkies Out Bubbler is another phenomenal collab between the golden gods at Gilded Glass and the excellent Southern craftsman at Glassheads. You can't help but feel fancy when using this rig as the logo is quite reminiscent of a particular luxury brand we all know and love. Add a little air of elegance to your soiree when you bring out a 24K gold encrusted dab rig. This rare and unique bubbler design is pre-outfitted with a supremely high-quality quartz banger nail. But, don't be shy! Put your pinky up and use a standard female glass bowl to enjoy fresh, ground flower, as well.


We proudly call this little wonder a bi-bubbler. The Pinkies Out is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also has multiple built-in little nuances that create a near-perfect user experience. This dab ring doubling as a water bong features well planned Maria rings that act as a splash-guard, avoiding the horrific party faux paw of swallowing bong water. Yuck! Gilded Glass and Glassheads have designed a rig that allows you to maintain your cool while enjoying a little herbal remedy. It's impossible not to feel cool when you own a water bong with a 24K gold logo.


No matter if you are looking for the perfect waterpipe to add to your already impressive collection, or you want your first pipe to be a special one, any one of the remarkable pipes by Gilded Glass will make an excellent choice. Every collector knows that the 24K gold logo is the sign of a quality water pipe. Anyone who receives a gift from Gilded Glass will know you cared enough to give them the very best. You deserve a little reward for yourself once in a while, too. Treat yourself to a new water pipe and tell yourself how great you think you are. Beware of imposters and only shop with trusted retailers such as DopeBoo.


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