GRAV 6" Helix Classic Mini Hand Pipe


True to GRAV’s seriously scientific style, this 6-inch Helix Mini packs a powerful puff in one efficient design. Unlike your average hand pipe, their signature Helix engineering features a “Venturi Chamber” with three angled microholes that send your smoke spiraling with outside air for an impressively smooth inhale. These Austin-based glass masters know what they’re doing! They’ve even added a stabilizing foot at the deep-set bowl along with side carb construction for even further smoke softening. The piece is crafted in sturdy scientific glass for a long lifespan and a solid in-hand feel. Cleaning is unbelievably easy with a simple alcohol soak and shake. You can enjoy the Helix on hand pipes and water pipes of all shapes and sizes, but most enthusiasts prefer the portability of this particular silhouette. You can pop it in your purse or pocket, and still experience the extra-cleansed smoke you don’t often find in a glass hand pipe!


    Features of this Dry Pipe

    Hand Pipe
    This hand pipe rests casually in your palm (or paw), and works directly with dry herb or concentrates without the addition of water.
    The most popular hand pipe design, spoon pipes are named for their resemblance to the venerable dinner utensil.
    Dry Herb
    This piece works with dry herbs! Dry herbs are the pure plant form, best when paired with a quality grinder for evenly cut material.
    This piece includes a carb -- the small hole that channels fresh outside air into your pipe for a cooling, soothing effect. Place your thumb on the carb to allow your pipe to fill with smoke before letting go for a refreshing clearing action.
    This product features a collaboration of great minds, combining the talent of popular artists, brands, and celebrities. My human and I combine our genius all the time -- he throws the frisbee, I bring it back. How collab is that? We've got to start charging all those drooling Labradors for such an epic show.
    Mini and nano pipes increase the efficiency of the design with an ultra-portable and maneuverable size that makes for a loyal companion.
    Roll Stop
    This pipe features a roll stop to prevent your piece from rolling off the table between pleasant puffs.
    Scientific Glass
    Pardon me while I pop on my lab coat -- like the "laboratory", not the attention-hog dog next door. This pipe boasts high grade construction and a crisp, laboratory-like silhouette.
    I've got my Boo Paw of Approval on this bulldog-strong glass. This piece is crafted with strong borosilicate glass that's known for being durable against breakage, resistant to extreme and quick-changing temperatures, and easy to clean.