Gnoj Glass

Ice Themed Hand-Blown-Glass Dry Hammer Pipe

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"Nice Ice, Baby." This is a one-of-a-kind hand blown piece by the artist Gnoj from Eugene, Oregon. It's 3.75 inches in length with ice-themed linework, and includes 12 sections with 2 wigwagged horns and 10 of Gnoj's exclusive micro-wags.

Features of this Dry Pipe

Hand Pipe
This hand pipe rests casually in your palm (or paw), and works directly with dry herb or concentrates without the addition of water.
Hammer Pipe
Powerful as the hammer I dropped on that French Bulldog at the dog park last week. Hammer pipes are known for their signature shape. This design features an extended spoon head and long neck.
Dry Herb
This piece works with dry herbs! Dry herbs are the pure plant form, best when paired with a quality grinder for evenly cut material.
American Glass
I may be an English Bulldog, but I was born in the USA! And that's just how I like my glass: 100% Made in the USA. American glass is well-known for its high quality standards meaning this piece will last longer, break less, and have a sturdy feel in your hand.
This piece includes a carb -- the small hole that channels fresh outside air into your pipe for a cooling, soothing effect. Place your thumb on the carb to allow your pipe to fill with smoke before letting go for a refreshing clearing action.
This product features a collaboration of great minds, combining the talent of popular artists, brands, and celebrities. My human and I combine our genius all the time -- he throws the frisbee, I bring it back. How collab is that? We've got to start charging all those drooling Labradors for such an epic show.
Wig Wag
Wig wag glass gets my tail wig-wagging, too! Wig wag is an advanced glass art effect with dynamic waves. Wavy lines create an impressive flow with skilled artistry.
Handspun Glass
Handspun glass is entirely handcrafted through continuous, careful spinning by the glass artist, rather than the use of a lathe tool. Handspun glass requires an exceptional amount of skill to create.